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Dr. William Pierce


I do appreciate the feedback I receive from listeners, who give me their responses to my broadcasts and who tell me about their own concerns and ideas and who sometimes give me useful tips on news stories that I might not have learned about otherwise.

One thing I’m reminded of over and over again by listener feedback is that many listeners still haven’t assimilated a message I’ve included in nearly every broadcast, and that is the central importance of Jewish media control to all of our problems. Many listeners, perhaps even a majority, still believe that somehow, when the White public becomes sufficiently exasperated, we can vote ourselves out of our problems. When I have said that the whole democratic process is merely a sham, an illusion, in the age of television, they haven’t believed me. They still cling to the notion that democracy is inherent…

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Blood At White Rally

Car deliberately slams into White Nationalists Rally in Charlottesville VA, 1 killed, many injured after rally cancelled due to violence between White Nationalists and protesters.    Jew owned MSM already implying this whole incident is the fault of Whites for holding demonstration in the first place.

The driver has been caught after fleeing, but we don’t know yet who or why he did this.  I’ll keep updating.




Whites March For Whites


White Nationalists march at the University of Virginia shouting “you will not replace us and “Jews will not replaced us, “blood and soil” and carrying torches.

While I am not a White Nationalist, I would have gladly joined these brave men who publicly identified our enemy, the fucking jew.

“In April, the city council voted to remove the Lee statue but is on hold pending litigation. Two city parks that were named after Confederate generals were renamed, including Emancipation Park, the site of Saturday’s rally.”

There are a few tweets imbeded in this article, all those with Twitter accounts please respond.  I have done so.

A new rally is planned today, I will be updating.

Here is Jason Kessler’s Twitter page; he is the founder of this rally.


African-American Atrocities from 1900 to 1964 | Violent Crimes

The nigger has always been a plague on us. Even though they were freed as slaves, and have been given every opportunity to thrive, they continue to rape, murder & steal even unto this day. We need to bring back lynchings, then we go after the stinking jews.

The Gas Mask Blog - Resistiendo al JWO/Resisting the JWO

[This is a short excerpt of a long list of some cases (not all) of lynchings. In the original source you can see that not only White people lynched blacks, but also, black people lynched their own, due, mostly, for the same crimes than White people lynched them. You can see original sources and everything, if you click the link that I’ll leave you at the end. Original link has them.]

African-American Atrocities from 1900 to 1964

Regarding lynchings… For a brief time in American history lynching a criminal, depending on the nature of the crime, became a common occurrence.  Apparently, people (whites and blacks) felt they had just as much right to enforce the law as the sheriff, as well as operate as judge and jury. Lynchings pretty much died out in the 1930s.  In 1937, eight negroes were lynched.  Two negroes were reported lynched in 1939, three in 1943… and between 1948…

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