Marijuana and Jew

Don’t be a dope. And it’s ALWAYS the jews.

Aryan Street


Think it’s cool to smoke marijuana?  Think it’s edgy?  Are you using some ache or pain as an excuse to smoke dope when an aspirin or a little grit would suffice?

Look, if you’ve got a serious problem like terminal cancer then smoke away but….

Are you familiar with the Opium wars?  Observant Jews bastards like David Sassoon made a fortune selling Opium to the Chinese.  It is said that at one time over 90% of all Chinese males under the age of 40 in certain regions were using Opium.  Opium use in China decimated the economy and caused untold heartache to the Chinese.

Jews and jew-wannabes love to make money on other people’s misery.  Nixon said of jews:

You know, it’s a funny thing. Every one of those bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob? What is the matter with…

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POP UP Los Angeles CA

This is a 2 day weekend event in Los Angeles “celebrating” immigrants.   They really don’t know who they’re worshiping.   They make no distinctions between illegals and legal.  This is what they are inviting into our country.

Read the comments and check out the immigrants link at the end.   This is what’s coming into our state:




Let’s see what they have to say when one of these POP’s UP in your daughter’s bedroom.

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What are the consequences for Mudsharking?

Couldn’t have said it better myself. White cunts playing coal chute will be the first to go when we take our stand.

Remember The 14 Words

If you are like me then when you were growing up here in Ireland the only NEEEEEGRRROOOEEESSS you would have seen were the ones on the Trócaire charity boxes that they handed you in school charity drives to collect for the starving little nigs and their ruling warlords in Africa.


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How the Establishment Normalizes Terrorism

Having just discovered Mark Collett, thanks to my friend here, I reblog his video as essential listening for the salvation of our race.

Remember The 14 Words

The United Kingdom is emerging as ground zero in the Zionist-led attack on Western Civilization. With the recent terrorist incidents and tomorrow’s election, this podcast from Mark Collett is essential listening.


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