Death in a Spectacular Fashion

Grandpa Lampshade's Semitic Truth Center

pepe-with-popcorn                    Me? I’m just a sittin’ here watchin’ Conservatism die. 

I stated on one of my recent world wide listened to shows that there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to having been fooled. The shame comes when your pride won’t allow you to admit it and thus take the correct path. As a modern day Nazi I have multiple tasks that I try to work on each day. Of course stopping these kikes always ranks at the top of the list. However there are several subsets of this that must be addressed to successfully put a dent in the plan of the Jews. One such thing is working tirelessly to hasten the inevitable death of the fake opposition movement known as conservatism. Conservatism was always a fake opposition, designed to make the people feel as though they…

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Coon Steals Oscar


Bryant is being defended by 2 jews: Rabbi Naomi Levy & attorney Daniel Brookman.  No official indication Bryant IS jewish.

Rubber lipped nigger, Terry Bryant, stole Best Actress winner, Francis McDormand’s golden Oscar in a pathetic bid to look cute.  Boasting on Facebook and whining for congratulations, police picked him up and returned the statue to the frantic actress.



Don’t turn your back around niggers or blacks.

“Africans develop no feel for logical thinking”

And they bring with them low IQ, stink & crime.

Diversity Macht Frei


Two Germans, Thomas Lehn and Constanze Kühnel, have spent years travelling in Africa. They return to Germany and can’t believe how everything just works.

After four years non-stop in Africa, what is the biggest difference from your old home?

Lehn: That everything works here. After our landing for example. And the cleanliness – in Africa you are drowning in garbage. For about 80%, there are no toilets. Here, in Germany, it’s another world.

Lehn: We spoke to more than 1000 people, from poor farmers in the Congo to multi-millionaires in South Africa. Our knowledge would be a treasure trove for the GIZ (Germany Society for International Cooperation) or similar organisations. But they don’t want to hear.

Kühnel: The whole development aid is a business model that creates jobs even in Germany.

Lehn: The naive way that the European media cover this topic is amazing to us. Endless millions of…

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