Fucking Nigger

I don’t post too much of animal abuse by nigger pit bull owners but this was too shocking to ignore.  This dog choked to death on a short chain trying to reach shade in over 90° heat in SC.

Keon Gladden


Niggers need to be sterilized, lobotomized and chained by the neck in summer and winter outside at all times with dirty food dishes and dry water pots.  But sending them back to Africa would be cheaper.

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Dallas and the GOATW

I could not have said it better.



The latest murder of 5 police officers in Dallas has been a textbook example of the globalist elites using their army to carry out their agenda in the West.

The shootings themselves are simply the result of constantly telling blacks that their failures and frustrations in life are the result of a mythical force in the universe called “White supremacy.”  Somehow this mythical force only affects them and to a lesser degree Hispanics but not Asians or other non-Whites. Even Muslims or Middle Easterners are fairly successful in America despite, what we’re told, being the constant victims of suspicion and discrimination.  This mythical force is so powerful that it actually sucks non-Whites into the racist vacuum of the West where even the racist Whites who generate this force are powerless to stop the flow over the borders.

But the telling part is not the shootings themselves, but the reaction…

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Partner of cop who fatally shot bride-to-be ‘was STUNNED when his colleague opened fire from inside their squad car’ as autopsy reveals she was killed by one bullet to the stomach after she called 911 

Nigger cop shoots beautiful White woman point blank. As she approached the driver side vehicle, what ever happened to “Freeze! Put your hands up!” SOP for police when approached by an unknown person. And where are the calls for fucking RACISM???? Whites should be rioting just like niggers do when one of their own is shot, usually, I might add, with good reason.

Remember The 14 Words

The partner of a Minneapolis cop who shot dead bride-to-be Justine Damond was ‘stunned’ when the officer opened fire through a squad car door, sources say.
Officer Matthew Harrity, who was in the driving seat, was speaking to Damond after she called 911 to report a sexual assault occurring near her home, when his partner reached across him and fatally shot her in the abdomen.


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Europe will again become Healthy

This is why the jews tried to bomb Germany out of existence.

My thanks to FUHRERIOUS88 for finding this.

"Neues Europa"

Source:Germanische Leithefte, volume 1, issue 1, 1941

We humans live in a world in which all becoming, living, maturing and passing proceeds according to unbending, godly laws of nature. Subservient to them are the stars, heavens and earth, sea and stones, as well as the life of plants and animals.

Nobody in possession of his five faculties doubts that human life also runs according to the same laws. So, too, are the differences between humans determined by the laws of heredity.

In a healthy, naturally-feeling community, for example in peasant life, the sickly is prevented from procreating, and the healthy bonds itself again with the healthy. Only the big city life, estranged from nature, or economic considerations, unfortunately cause many a healthy person to enter marriage with a sickly one.

Then, however, nature avenges itself for the non-observance of its laws: the offspring can become…

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History Goes in Circles — White Genocide 101, from Smoloko

This excellent and well researched article has many outside links that confirm all that is presented here. Any White person reading this who does not stand up for his Race, needs to be shot on site. WE DON’T NEED YOU!

The Gas Mask Blog - Resistiendo al JWO/Resisting the JWO

[This piece comes from Smoloko. You can find the original here.]

Multiculturalism destroys the 1st world, it is the SCIENCE OF BIOLOGY

by Alicia Frischmann

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Marijuana and Jew

Don’t be a dope. And it’s ALWAYS the jews.

Aryan Street


Think it’s cool to smoke marijuana?  Think it’s edgy?  Are you using some ache or pain as an excuse to smoke dope when an aspirin or a little grit would suffice?

Look, if you’ve got a serious problem like terminal cancer then smoke away but….

Are you familiar with the Opium wars?  Observant Jews bastards like David Sassoon made a fortune selling Opium to the Chinese.  It is said that at one time over 90% of all Chinese males under the age of 40 in certain regions were using Opium.  Opium use in China decimated the economy and caused untold heartache to the Chinese.

Jews and jew-wannabes love to make money on other people’s misery.  Nixon said of jews:

You know, it’s a funny thing. Every one of those bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob? What is the matter with…

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