Europeans the Greatest in Everything since the Beginning

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whoaskedyou • 2 days ago
Next time someone mentions ‘Cultural Appropriation’, I am going to tell them that until they give up the light bulb and the flush toilet they are Culturally Appropriating from Europeans so they can take their complains elsewhere! Cultural Relativism is garbage. The only reason every other race in the world wants into European countries (or the Americas) is to take advantage of what Europeans built. If being Arab or Black was so awesome wouldn’t everyone be clamoring to get into Africa or Saudi Arabia?

Remember The 14 Words

Steven King ignited a hysterical backlash in the summer of 2016 when he modestly asked, in response to a journalist who made a comment about “old white people” making up the majority of the GOP:

Where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you’re talking about? Where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?

When moderator Chris Hayes asked, “Than white people?”, King added:

Than Western Europe itself. That’s rooted in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the United States of America.

At this point the panelists started speaking over each other in a frantic state, with some reporter asking: “What about Africa?” What about Asia?” Before cutting to a commercial and ending this dangerous line of conversation, Hayes said:

Let me note for the record that if you’re looking at the ledger of Western Civilization, for every flourishing democracy you’ve…

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Weak Versus Strong Language In Debates

Make your mouth your sword, for now, at least.

The Roper Report

By Luftschiff

Originally published in The Purity Spiral.

Debates are battles, particularly when it comes to existential issues. Non-Whites and White-hating leftists are not, and have never been, interested in fair and honest exchanges of ideas with their racial and ideological enemies, namely White nationalists. For anti-Whites, the “debate” is a solely platform to shout down and silence us before the public. If they cannot silence us, their fallback strategy is to deconstruct language and key points so that a debate cannot even take place.

The most common example of this strategy is when they play the Define Game:

White nationalist: We support a homeland for White people.
Anti-White: Define “White.”
White nationalist: Meaning anyone of European descent.
Anti-White: Define “European.”
White nationalist: Anyone whose ancestry goes back to Europe and whose ancestors built European civilization.
Anti-White: Sorry, your definitions of “White” and “European” don’t fulfill my conveniently-narrow definitions…

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No Go Zones are halfway marks to Surrender of Sovereignty.

Coming soon to a town near you.

Additional survival tricks

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

#no go zone, #sanctuary city, #refuge city, #immigration, #border controls. #surrender of sovereignty, #White genocide,

No Go Zones are halfway marks to Surrender of Sovereignty.

When the rulers of a country quietly cedes its territory to appease a potential aggressor or out of selfish own interests, they often do it with Enclaves, Ghettos which are then  turned into No Go Zones. This conceals their acts from the citizens of the country. By the time the citizens wake up it may be too late.

1. Steps leading to No Go Zones.

The rulers of country M, out of pressure from another country C (potential aggressor) or out of their selfish private interests, decided to let in a large (town sized) number of citizens of country C. They do it along the following steps.

1. The rulers of country M sign the agreement with country C to issue visas to citizens of…

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Yep, it’s the jews, stupid.


‘White Supremacist’ is now anyone (not even necessarily White) who thinks we have the right to expect our laws to be enforced and the Will and Consent of the governed be respected, no matter what the Far Left thinks.

Worth looking into the origins of the ‘Whiteness Studies’ phenomenon.

Guess what? Jews.

There’s a race war alright but its on Whites, led by Jews and the minorities they use as tools.


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What Is the Correct Average IQ for American Blacks?

RACE MATTERS! Thank the stinking jews for pushing “equality & tolerance” toward a race of apes that will NEVER fit in White America.


by James Buchanan

For many decades, the average IQ for American Blacks was said to be 85. The average IQ of Blacks in Africa however is about 70 with several African nations averaging in the 60s.

While it’s true that the American Black population is actually racially-mixed or “colored,” the percentage of White genes in the Black population is only about 25 percent. In order to raise the Blacks up from an average IQ of 70 for pure Africans to 85 points, given that the White average is 100 and assuming the average IQ of a group is linearly related to their racial make up, the percent of racial admixture would have to be 50 percent for the colored population to have an 85 point IQ, which is not the case.

One source notes “When (Charles) Murray analyzed trends on the Woodcock-Johnson test, he found that Black men born from…

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Miscegenation: The Morality of Death | The Legacy of Dr. William Pierce

The Great White Hope?

The Gas Mask Blog - Resistiendo al JWO/Resisting the JWO

Miscegenation: The Morality of Death

by Dr. William L. Pierce (pictured, portrait by Will Williams)pierce-oil-300x399

HISTORY HAS TAUGHT us that the most fundamental necessities for the existence of a healthy and progressive White society are the racial quality of its members and a moral code or value system which complements and enhances that quality.

Ultimately, of course, the former is much more fundamental than the latter. Only a sound race can give birth to sound racial ethics. Without the living biological entity, there is and can be nothing. But as long as the race survives — as long as the potential for effective racial sovereignty exists — alien and spiritually damaging values alone will not prove fatal.

The enemies of our race have obviously long understood this truth. That is why, a half-century ago, they waged the most vicious war the world has ever seen in order to destroy an…

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