Average IQ of immigrants in Western Europe and the US is 89, the West is getting dumber

What else is there to say???

Diversity Macht Frei


The PIAAC – Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, also called the PISA for adults, is an international survey assessing the cognitive abilities and skills of the adult populations of western countries (and several other countries too). It includes a reading comprehension assessment, a math ability assessment, and an assessment for problem solving in computer environments.

The PIAAC samples are nationally representative, with 5000-10000 people per country and include data from total of 215 000 respondents.

The tests have similarities with those from PISA, which are highly correlated with IQ. The testing was done in 2012-2013 and things could have gotten worse since then.

The tests predict IQ of 85 for US blacks, 90 for US hispanics, and 101 for US whites, which is broadly consistent with most research on this issue, as well as US SAT scores.


I decided to use math ability as a proxy…

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Savage Nigger Stabs Children


Nine refugees, including six children, have been injured after a man went on a stabbing rampage at a 3-year-old’s birthday party at an Idaho apartment complex, according to Boise police.


 Kinner Has a Violent Criminal History That Spans Multiple States

Timmy Earl Kinner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

When in God’s name will people wake up to these vicious ugly apes and do something??   Too bad Lincoln didn’t live long enough to send them back to Africa & the Caribbean like he wanted to.

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But But But NABALT!

Gramps, you took the words right outta my mouth. God, I hate niggers.

Grandpa Lampshade's Semitic Truth Center

Whenever I discuss other races (which let’s face it, is quite often) be it Jews or blacks or brown desert people or whatever, I inevitably get hit with “NA_ALT!” For those of you who don’t know it stands for “Not All ____ Are Like That”. This has to be one of the most retarded responses ever. The fact that people are completely unable to grasp a basic concept of talking about group behaviors/dynamics vs this one guy I know just never ceases to amaze me. Look, as a Reverend and a member of the remnant of Christianity, I don’t get all rustled when I see people on GAB posting tirades against “church cucks” etc.. I get it. It’s group dynamics and the fact of the matter is when people talk about “church cucks” I know who they’re talking about and I don’t find it necessary to be personally offended. The…

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Black Monkey Apes Women As It Transitions Into One

Munroe Bergdorf hailed as brave fashion icon amid racial comments and pro-nigger modeling career.




He even goes under facial surgery because he couldn’t cut it with just lipstick.


As this becomes the jew media pushed norm, our natural resistance is even more important then ever.  Only WHITE men and women can save us.  Never give up, never give in.


Monkey Grandma Ran Deadly Cocaine Cartel

Alice Johnson dealt death & destruction with every bag of blow/rock candy she helped deal out.




Why did they lock up this dear old grandmother???

So-called TV “stars” like Kim Kardashian need to keep their useless mouths shut.   Her she is with Trump & his shit eating grin:


Always look for the truth behind the giddy headlines