Where Are The Rebels?

My thanks to B’Man’s upfront post and his continued rebellion.

B'Man's Revolt


I am a Rebel. Always have been. Seldom have I gone with the mainstream because I have my own opinion and desires. Nor am I afraid to speak about those opinions and desires. This is not to say that I am simply contrary just to be an asshole (although some of you may disagree). Its just that I learned a long time ago that if I don’t believe in myself, speak loudly about that belief, then I end up complacent and compliant to others with an agenda that is not conducive to my betterment.

What is a rebel (in a nutshell)?

A rebel stands up for what they believe in, no matter what anybody else says. They are independent, but enjoy socializing with like-minded people. A rebel is honest, speaking truth to power. They question everything until they know the truth. They must speak their mind, especially truth to power…

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