What Do You Mean, “Destroy Institutional Marriage”?

B'Man's Revolt


In my post, “Gay Marriage Now: What’s Next?“, I wrote about the gay agenda and the Marxist (Jewish) attempts to normalize various repulsive behaviors that any sane, rational person understands is incompatible with healthy societal standards. As much as they want the world to believe that having sex with children is acceptable, or “natural and normal”, most people know that it isn’t.

2A03D56C00000578-3140610-Come_together_People_display_placards_as_they_celebrate_the_US_S-a-1_1435409446353However, political correctness rules today’s society and we have apparently lost our bearings, desperately trying to appease this gay minority (as we do all minorities) by proving that we aren’t superior or racist… that we are accepting of men sticking their penises up another man’s anus and calling it “love”. We celebrate attacks against people and/or businesses that want to distance themselves from such reviling actions for any reason, most especially religious ones. We hardly even turn our heads away from putrid displays in public, then…

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