Professional Victims

Come on, white boy, roll up your sleeves and take your country back.

B'Man's Revolt


I am on the road and to pass some time, turned on the TV while preparing for the next day’s work and travel. As I was watching a segment on immigration it reminded me of a few people I have met over the years from other countries who are now quite successful here. I had a few thoughts I wanted to jot down to get your opinion on (add something in the comments area, if you have anything):

4ce3723ba6350802487796c020878390Why is it that people from countries like Vietnam, Korea, India, Pakistan, etc are able to legally immigrate here to the US and work their way up from the bottom with hard work? They scrimp and save money, many times supporting large families and end up living the “American Dream” (which is dying for many of us natives). Most of these people honor the chance to come here and generally do everything…

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