Nothing We Do Is Good Enough For Blacks So Stop Trying

Typical nigger whining. If President Lincoln had lived, he would have shipped them all back to Africa, where they fucking belong. You can thank the God damn fucking jews for instilling this racial hatred toward the minority whites who made their lives comfortable and possible in America.

The racial tensions and wars fostered by the stinking fucking jews is coming to a head. Blacks are at war with us and the fucking jews won’t have to lift a finger as they slaughter us.


Pragmatic Witness

Just discovered this article over at The Iron Legion and even though I really hate discussing race relations this is a worthy read, then I’m including a quote from one of the commentators.


The Voice Of Black Celebrity

Azealia Banks Azealia Banks

One of black America’s celebrities, Azealia Banks, has come out with a hate-filled tirade against conservative white America, and above all, straight white men.

This whining ingrate, made fantastically wealthy only due to being born American and by virtue of white technology has used her position of fame to launch an attack against the very country and people which made her fame and wealth possible. If such vitriol was turned toward blacks or gays the outrage would be scorching front pages around the world.

But there is no media outrage against her comments and this should sound a stern warning to white people everywhere.

Even after everything white people have…

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