Racial Rape: The Problem Jew Watchers Won’t Talk About

What is the difference between rape and sexual assault:

Rape is defined as unwanted penetration, whether that is oral, anal, or vaginal. Sexual assault refers to any unwanted sexual contact, including fondling and molestation.

The jew propagated racial wars continue on an ever increasing scale.   The extermination of the white race doesn’t just mean getting shot in the head; it means continued attacks, degradation and humiliation of whites.    When are we going to stand up for our race and put a stop to this?   Why aren’t we teaching our children that their very lives and descendants depend on stopping the jews and their perpetual race wars?    Race mixing is one tactic the jews use to decimate our race.  If we’re not intermarrying fast enough, we will be raped into it.    Looks like it’s working.





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