God Damn Niggers, God Damn Jew Race Baiting Fuckers

Y’all better get up off your lazy asses and start protesting that:

WHITE LIVES MATTER!!!!  Without us, niggers and other trash wouldn’t have anyone to rob, rape and kill.

Blacks Murder Whites Yet Only Black Lives Matter


2 thoughts on “God Damn Niggers, God Damn Jew Race Baiting Fuckers

  1. Two eighth graders? Fuck ’em; life without parole. In England, for hundreds of years, a child, from birth to age seven, was considered to be absolutely immune from any criminal culpability, no matter what they did. From age fourteen, and up, they were treated exactly the same as an adult. From 7 to 14, evidence of the degree of knowing right from wrong could be introduced, along with other factors, to help the court decide if the little asshole deserved to be treated as an adult. The higher the age of the person was, within that range, was also taken into consideration. It was entirely possible for a ten year old to be found eligible to be treated as an adult. I believe that certain 8 year old niggers should be treated as adults by the criminal justice system.

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    • NOTE: During the same time that the above treatment of juvenile offenders was in effect, there was pretty much just ONE sentence, for every crime: DEATH. Steal a loaf of bread and you were hanged. Everything was a felony and the sentence, after being found guilty, was death. They didn’t waste money on prisons, as prisons didn’t exist.

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