The following is taken from The Illuminati Exposed by Ray Novosel:


A RACE is defined as a group of individuals sharing common genetic attributes, which determine that group’s physical appearance and, more controversially, their cognitive abilities. Ethnicity is defined as the creation of groupings by individuals, (most often within racial groups but also possible across racial divides) of certain common traditions, languages, art forms, attitudes and other means of expression.

A CULTURE is the name given to the physical manifestations created by ethnic groupings – the actual language, art forms, religion and social order and achievements of a particular ethnic group. In practical terms then, it is possible to talk of a White race; of a Scottish ethnicity and a Scottish culture. The last two – ethnicity and culture – are directly dependent upon each other, and in fact flow from each other in a balanced and symbiotic relationship.

The Ruling Elite has engineered an increasing flood of illegal aliens into every country in the White Western World via their agents in both major political parties, with the sole purpose of destroying the White race and its unique culture. Furthermore, the two major parties in the governments of all these countries are officially sanctioning ridiculous loopholes allowing these non-citizens to become registered voters.

“[We] prepare for the day when the United States will have NO SINGLE RACE or ethnic majority.” –President Clinton re: White Western Civilization’s

15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

01/25/2009 – Laura Dern and Ben Harper – 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards – Arrivals – The Shrine Auditorium – Los Angeles, CA. USA – Keywords: Laura Dern and Ben Harper – 0 – – Photo Credit: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos – Contact (1-866-551-7827)

The above quote from President Clinton while still in office, was a revealing and major policy statement from a typically Marxist/socialist/feminist, regarding the Ruling Elite’s ultimate goal. Yet at the time, no one in the conservative opposition dared to question it, in either the print or electronic media. President Clinton’s meaning though was quite clear, as he scrambled to be the first to displace whites with minorities in his administration and throughout the federal government. Whites must become a minority in their own civilization through importation of people of colour from the Third World. Interracial breeding between whites and people of colour must grow in acceptance by constantly using the media everywhere as propaganda tools; depicting mixed-race couples as the politically correct norm and NOT the exception. The final goal being, “no single race or ethnic majority” can exist to dominate the others, which amounts of course to creating a mongrel – based, communistic universalism in America first – then the world.  This requires the implementation of the following by the global elite:

(1)         Confiscation of workers’ wealth through heavy taxation and, then, its “fair” distribution by U.N. – run global welfare programs

(2)         Transferring manufacturing from white Western democracies to those designated as “underprivileged” nations

(3)         Transferring real governing power and control from nation-states to the U.N. and other one-world entities;


Creating a borderless world that ensures dispersement and racial mongrelisation of whites in their Western democracies, importing people of colour from the Third World to that end, which mongrelisation – or genocide of the white race – is the only certain means to effecting demographics where no race or ethnic majority exists. To reiterate: Communism and universalism are equivalent terms. UNIVERSALISM is the Talmudic Jews idiom for masking their communistic, utopian goals for white Western democracies.  These goals include:

Racial mongrelisation, requiring denigration of the ideas of “nation-state,” “private property,” “race” and “good breeding,” the latter of which leads to classism and unequal distribution of heritable talents. Perfect parity in men and women’s social standing and responsibilities, meaning men and women must have equal access and equal representation in the work force, while child rearing increasingly devolves to the State.


Talmudic JEWS charging WHITES WITH RACISM at every turn these past decades, has served the purpose of indoctrinating the WHITE RACE into quietly trashing its own unique culture and civilization on the altar of an imposed self-guilt.  This has been driven by the advancement of a feminist and socialist “fairness” doctrine, and while hiding the DEADLY TRUTH that PEOPLE OF COLOUR inundating WHITE WESTERN CIVILIZATION are in the majority ANTI-WHITE RACISTS and ANTI-WESTERN SOCIALISTS.


Since the Fifties, minorities and feminists have been struggling to unseat white males and dismantle their cultureand they’ve executed the rout virtually unopposed, displaying the most frenzied and extensive example of bloodless cultural conquest in history“In the long history of the European people, no century was more destructive than the 20th Century. More of our precious blood was spilled, and more of our genetic treasure was lost during the last 100 years than in all of the previous thousands of years of our existence.  European mankind had unchallenged world domination at the beginning of the 20th Century. In stark contrast, the 21st Century threatens to make Europeans a besieged minority even in our own ancient homelands. Everywhere on earth, the European population is aging and rapidly declining, while the non-white world is young, growing and aggressive.  Even more importantly, massive and uncontrolled immigration into Europe and America, combined with the low White birth-rates and racial intermarriage, will make Europeans and Americans politically and culturally moribund in our own democratic societies. The non-European majority will eventually rule, and we will be a politically impotent minority.


Already, the West is being remade. The faith of our fathers, the traditions and values of our people, the standards of civility, freedom and high culture that have so distinguished the West – are being eroded away in the rising, dark waters of unrestrained immigration.  The writing is on the wall; it is scribbled everywhere for us to see, just like the graffiti that now blemishes many of the walls of our major cities.  In America we can see our schools ban even the mention of our Christ-rooted Christmas, while promoting Black pagan celebrations such as Kwanzaa. In Europe and America, MTV and an alien Hollywood establishment pervades every White home, making primitive Black rhythms, racial miscegenation, drug use, sexual irresponsibility and spiritual nihilism the fashion for the ever-dwindling numbers of White youth.  In the 20th Century, Non-Europeans of Jewish descent have seized control of the major news and entertainment media, as well as dominating through money and political blackmail the key elements of political control in America and Europe.

This aggressive, worldwide Jewish supremacism has carefully made its own agenda OUR agenda. Just as the 50 million European lives lost in the Second World War have now become secondary in importance to the Jewish losses in the “Holocaust,” so every major issue is now seen in the light of the Jewish agenda. Through their media domination, they have made Jewish suffering through the ages, our suffering; Jewish concerns, our concerns; Jewish objectives, our objectives. Their criminal actions against the Palestinians and other Muslims have become our own, despite the fact that such policy does great harm to our national interests. We even supply Israel with the weapons of suppression and torture that they apply against the Palestinians.  Their enemy has become our own nemesis.

The Jewish juggernaut has sucked America and Europe into supporting their Jewish supremacism in the Mideast, and we “Goyim” supinely pay the price. Many of us are so mesmerized by the Jewish media that most Americans swallow the blatant media lie that the 9-11 attack had nothing to do with America’s support for Israel, and that we were attacked, because bin Laden and others hate us for having a democratic society!  Americans frantically wave the American flag on the media’s cue, but they have no understanding that we were attacked precisely because the anti-American, anti-European power has supremacy over us. We were attacked because Western leaders in Washington, London and elsewhere put the Israeli Star of David over our own banners. In other words, our flag-waving has become a celebration not of America first, but is actually symbolic of a foreign power’s supremacy over us!

In this world turned upside down, the ever-expanding federal government-run-amuck now announces that it shall defend our freedom by taking it away.  The most sacred icon of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, is under direct attack. Privacy rights, which are so essential to freedom, are being cast away like pearls to the swine. And, Americans just smile and say go ahead; the government can read my most personal and private mail, tap my phone conversations, and suspend my most basic constitutional protections.  “Please,” they ask, “defend my freedom by taking it away!”

The government and media are telling us that we must take away these American rights to defend ourselves from evil foreign powers. Yet, the U.S. Government is now busily covering up the biggest foreign spy ring against America in the history of the United States!

On December 12-15, Brit Hume on the Fox News Network, in four parts, broke the amazing story by Carl Cameron, Fox News senior correspondent, that over 140 suspected Israeli spies were detained or arrested by the FBI and the Secret Service, many even before the 9-11 attacks. Several are known Israeli operatives of high rank in the Israeli Mossad. One of the startling aspects of the report showed that Israel Intelligence has tapped into practically the entire telephone system of the United States! This penetration also includes most of American police and governmental law enforcement agencies. Fox News also revealed that American FBI investigators believe that these Israeli agents knew the details of the attack of 9-11, but purposely did not share it with the United States. (Israel has effectively used the 9-11 attacks to justify their efforts to brutally dismantle the Palestinian Authority and savagely suppress their quest for freedom). The report shows how American officials, in an act of blatant treason, have authorized Israeli companies to spy on American phone conversations!

The major Israeli companies are Amdocs and Converse, and the information came to light because of a Federal investigation into an Israeli drug ring that was completely compromised by the Israeli companies. The Jewish organized crime ring obtained the telephone numbers of the American agents investigating it, and was able to monitor their conversations and learn enough important information to avoid prosecution. Through the Israeli system, they were able to discover the name of informants and witnesses and eliminate them.  How blatant Jewish supremacism over us has become! To think that the government of the United States has contracted with Israeli companies to spy on all telephone conversations in the United States of America! The Federal Government has let Israeli firms, which are in part funded by the Israeli Government; to notate practically every phone call made in the United States, including that of law enforcement agencies. Consider the fact that this has occurred even after Israeli spies such as Jonathan Pollard have done such tremendous damage to the United States. Fox News reported the fact that if an American investigator in the FBI even dares to suggest Israeli spying, he is committing career suicide.  Quote: But investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying through Converse is considered career suicide. (Fox News, Brit Hume, Dec. 14) Israeli treason has become so blatant in our country that if an American law enforcement agent diligently works to stop it, his career is shattered!  The discovery of the largest spy ring in the history of the United States, as revealed by Fox News, was never even investigated or reported on by any other major media in America.  Not a single major U.S. newspaper daily picked up the story, nor did any of the normal news programs of the major TV and cable networks utter a word about this huge scandal. It should rightly be the lead story in every news organ of the United States. Within days of the report on Fox News, higher ups in the Fox Network removed the four-part story even from Fox websites and even made it unavailable from their archives! George Orwell’s prophecies, detailed in his classic 1984, have certainly come true. Big Brother is here, and he is a Jewish supremacist. He controls the “telescreen” and can send whatever information he wants, “down the memory hole.”  Our people must understand that the objectives of the Jewish supremacists who control us involve far more than supremacy over Palestine and the suppression of the freedoms of the Palestinians. They seek and exercise supremacy here; controlling us in the same way they do the West Bank and the Occupied Territories. They don’t need, quite yet, to send missiles into our neighbourhoods or torture us (as they do the Palestinians) by the thousands in their prisons; for they control us in the most effective way of all, the mind control exerted by their dominance of the mass media.  The media control and the political supremacy they exercise though the unbridled power of information, money and organization, is more than enough to rule us for the present.  They know, however, that our people are bound eventually to rise up for ethnic survival and freedom, so they are busily working to diminish our power and numbers in our own nation.  In just a few years, they plan through massive non-European immigration to make European-Americans a minority in the nation our forefathers built.  In a more easily dominated, multi-cultural, deracinated Babylon, they know they can “divide and conquer.” And, if we European-Americans try to resist their plans to take our freedom and destroy our very race itself, they will certainly resort to the same kinds of terror that they use against the Palestinians today: assassination, incarceration, torture and terror.”  Article written by David Duke:EURO



No nation is born multicultured. Multiculturalism is an unnatural as well as an unhealthy condition that can only afflict states in national decline. A multicultural state carries in its genes the seeds of eventual national destruction. All multicultural nations will be found to be in a state of gradual political, moral, economic and social decay. Greed and corruption will characterize the government coupled with oppressive measures directed against citizens. Lies and deceit will be stock and trade of media, politicians, and educational institutions. Such are the bellwethers of a multiculturalist advent.


In modern times multiculturalism is instituted from the top down as an elitist ruling class tool used to play one or more racial or ethnic groups against another. The ensuing cultural melee serves the political designs, economic goals and power needs of elitist rulers and their sponsors. This technique was developed by Marxist ideologues, which used multiculturalism in Russia to divide and conquer resistance to the institution of a communist state. The end result of their successful takeover was the murder of thirty million humans in the Soviet Union alone.


The same internationalist cabbalists who sponsored Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin as the multicultural leaders of the Soviet state from their banking houses in New York, similarly sponsor the multicultural leaders of the United States, Canada, and Europe today. An interlocking network of foundations such as Ford and Carnegie, international banking empires such as Rockefeller and Rothschild, and government agencies firmly in their control work in tandem with controlled propaganda outlets such as the New York Times, CBS, and Hollywood, to promote, foster, and institute multiculturalism today.


Multiculturalism is being used as a hammer to forge a compliant people who will compose the obedient states of the New World Order. As a weapon of post-modern political warfare, multiculturalism has few equals, which, thus explains its use currently against all of Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Deliberate fragmentation of these nations and the resultant loss of national identity and purpose into politically disharmonious units, serves as a stepping-stone to world government. And who will compose that world government? A ruling class consisting of an “economic hierarchy” that replaces the philosophy of the nineteenth century “natural hierarchy.” An evil force that views countries and the people that live in them first as economic targets to be exploited, and second as military targets to be dealt with if they resist.



To ask such a common sense question about humans is much like asking if breeds of dogs really matter and as if a dog owner’s care in choosing a certain breed is of no consequence to either the owner or to the dog breeder. Just as for canines, there are of course, distinct breeds of men, or races, that exhibit unique mental and physical attributes, both positive and negative – not unlike how breed-specific attributes may be found among canine breeds. For example, a pit bull and poodle represent speciation with diametrically opposed temperaments – or distinctly evolved traits that are passed on to their respective offspring. Pit bulls and poodles are distinct and separate gene pools. A similar example may be found in humans, like the clear differences between, say, African and Chinese men, whose breeds display distinct heritable potentials in physicality, temperament and intelligence that have scientifically measurable potentials.


Although it’s not politically correct to acknowledge them, or admit their relative importance in human history, five distinct human races DO exist: yellow, red, white, brown and black. And mongrel offspring from interbreeding between the races may, through thousands of years of speciation, evolve into distinct racial categories.

Race does matter, because the clear heritable traits distinctive to a racial group determine its own survival, as well as the survival of humanity if a particular group displays talents, (or combination of talents) which other groups do not, and which critical talents might be lost from interracial breeding with a less capable race.  This is also true among interracial ethnic groups. For example, Englishmen generally exhibit a higher average IQ than Irishmen, displaying heritable differences in both intelligence and temperament. In the history of English “racism,” the Irish were thought to be both difficult to educate and bad tempered. That difference in intelligence potential may be lost in offspring of English/Irish couples, but the offspring generally will display a lower IQ potential than the parent with the higher IQ (matrilineal links to heritable IQ notwithstanding). You may deny it, but it’s either denial by ignorance or by purposely hiding the truth for political reasons. The latter case being the primary reason today for denying any existence of distinct race-based potentials. These nay saying folks – mostly Jews, Judaised Christians and secular humanists, wish to deny reality in order to legitimise their mongrelisation of racial groups in Third-World-immigration-strapped Western democracies, using tyrannical forced-integration of racial tribes for the building of a Marxist/socialist/ feminists’ one-world, socialist Utopia.  So, if the truth be known that human races do exist – and if they do indeed display unequal heritable potentials in temperament, character, physicality and intelligence, then the Marxists’ dream of a New Utopian World Order will never be realized – AND THEY KNOW IT!

The steady occupation of the modern White heartlands of Europe, Australia and North America by increasing waves of Third World Nonwhites are a direct replay of the events, which led to the fall of the ancient nations. In exactly the same way that the White nations of old vanished after their population make-up changed, so will Europe, North America and Australia disappear as their populations change from White into Non-white. This is not a subjective opinion, or the wild ravings of an apocalyptic prophet of doom, it is simply an observable fact. The prospects for the future of Western civilization are therefore, bleak. Whites will be increasingly squeezed out of their great cities and replaced by more and more Third World Nonwhites and mixed race populations.





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