B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: The Real History of Slavery in America

Always remember, niggers are not victims. It’s the jews propaganda that has brainwashed you.

B'Man's Revolt


In 1651, a black Angolan slave, Anthony Johnson, freed from “indentured servitude” (the first 2/3’s of Europeans, AKA “white people”, that came to the colonies were indentured, many times kidnapped and sent here with no say or defense… in other words, slaves),  purchased a 250 acre farm and had 5 “indentured servants” of his own (4 were white and 1 was black). The black “indentured servant” was John Casor, who made claim that his 7 year commitment was over and he went to work for Johnson’s white neighbor, Robert Parker. Johnson (a black man) sued Parker (a white man) to regain his “indentured servant” in a court of law and after losing, appealed the decision and won Casor back, not temporarily, but forever.

It was the first time slavery was legally endorsed in a court of law. And it was a black man’s doing. Next…

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