Google Promoting Racemixing To Our Women

God damn jew owned bastards.

Remember The 14 Words

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4 thoughts on “Google Promoting Racemixing To Our Women

  1. I play it close to my vest, Cartier, since I have inherent vulnerabilities if exposed. I’ve been around a long time and go back a long way at Incog except that we had a falling out for a long period of time. Glad to see you and your activities in furtherance of our cause. I look forward to working with you.


    • Good for you. I, on the other hand, am alone and have nothing to lose. For fun, I like to tell off any jew I come across. Their reactions are priceless. You answered a comment of mine about a link you posted but I could not respond as I couldn’t find it and don’t have time to scroll through miles of BS.

      If you find something you’d like me to post here or have something you’d like to discuss privately, contact me at Your support is invaluable. Thank you always.


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