Best Post-Western

Now they are openly advertising our decline.

Goodbye, America (in a photo)

Best Western CEO: David Kong. America is being shredded by Plutocrats of Propaganda.

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2 thoughts on “Best Post-Western

  1. We have a game around the homefront: scream whenever you see an advertisement blatantly linking race mixing. I don’t think one can go more than one or two commercials without it forced down our throats.

    Add all the purple pill commercials (at least so far they cater to opposite sex and mainly same race couples) at dinnertime, forcing the discussion with children “Mama, what is an erection?” (from a 7 year old).

    It is an all out attack on family. especially white families.


  2. Exactly. And not only race mixing, but gender mixing couples as well. I’ve seen far to many commercials showing 2 queers raising a little girl, for God’s sake. I’m waiting for the transgender ones: Is your skin ruff and dry? That pesky 5:00 shadow still showing even after all the hormones you’ve taken? Try new After Five makeup, guaranteed to give you that feminine edge you’ve always wanted while hiding the fact that YOU ARE A FAKE BROAD!!

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