Whites Only Dating? That’s ‘Racist’. Interracial Dating? Black Dating? Jewish Dating? All considered to be fine.

Interracial Dating: Mix til you nix!

nix – put an end to; cancel.
“he nixed the deal just before it was to be signed”
synonyms: reject, veto, turn down, scrap, scrub, ditch, scuttle, stymie, call off, put the kibosh on.

Smash Cultural Marxism


There has been a lot of attention given recently to a dating website that allows white people to search for other whites who they may want to date. In this age of the Internet, online dating has become a way in which people can meet. However this doesn’t apply to whites it seems, it isn’t acceptable apparently for whites to want to date other whites, that is the ‘height of racism’ according to some. It is only acceptable for whites to go on dating websites that in reality are pro multiculturalism dating websites and miscegenation dating websites, this is essentially what they are, they don’t cater for whites, they cater for a multiracial society in which whites are being mixed out of existence.

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