This PDF book, Nature’s  Eternal Religion by Ben Klassen, is absolutely  necessary in order to fully understand the true danger our White Race is in.   It will tell you who, when, where, what and why.    Without this information, you are floundering in a shallow pool of BS.   This book should be required reading from the 7th grade on up.  My only regret is that I discovered it too late.





I can’t see the link in my draft so accidentally  pasted it twice.


3 thoughts on “!!! REQUIRED READING !!!

  1. I am reading this book now. I’ve read the first fifty pages and my mind is BLAZING! This book it’s so good I might hunt a Spanish translation of it, and link to it, or, if there is no translation available, I might fashion a translation myself…

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    • I am reading it on my smartphone. The letters are not so small, so I can read it well. Now I’ve read half of the book. It’s so good at naming every problem we have as Whites, that your post title is very apt to describe it. If I were one of those book reviewers, or literary critiques, I’d give it 5/5 stars and rave reviews. Oh wait, I might do it when I finish it…

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