Distract ~ Divide ~ Destroy

In Nature’s Eternal Religion, Ben Klassen states that the jews created Islam, as they did Christianity, to divide and destroy the White Race, Christian or otherwise.  The history of both is wet with blood, blood that has run in the veins of  the ancient heroes who fought the mindless hordes so that we, the modern White Race, can be free to live, love and expand our great civilizations over the earth.

Now the black hand of the jew is darkening us with the final shadows of the culling and elimination of the White, Gentile Race.  And they are using Islam to do it.



I cannot find the second part of this film, but you get the picture.


How much blood are you willing to shed to stop this?  Yours, theirs, ours?  Where are our heroes?  Who will protect the women of the White Race?   Remember, silence is more confining than the veil.




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