Men: Remove Your Pair From The Feminists’ Hands, Re-attach and Revolt

Heroes or pussies? Where the hell are our men??? Here’s one of them:

B'Man's Revolt

I am aghast at men of Europe (and many in America). What a bunch of pussies.

I am not a ‘bad-ass’ who looks for a fight wherever I go. As a matter of fact, I avoid physical confrontation if possible and certainly would never start a fight. To me, a fight is nasty business. There are no fair fights. It is not a competition. The first fight I was in was a “fair fight” where two school mates were chided into duking it out behind the gym at school by the rabble rouser who was always instigating these “fights” for his giggling pleasure.

I had a few more of these matches and it was always the same thing, a push; a shove; some name-calling. But none of it was really a fight.

As a man, I encountered a totally different scenario that taught me quickly that a real fight is…

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