Shutting The White Man Down

Here is what happens when someone like Ben Shapiro questions the Political Correctness of Diversity –




7 thoughts on “Shutting The White Man Down

  1. Yes he is, but the fact that he has been, at this point, stopped from speaking negatively about diversity makes it worth my posting. His angle is that we still have free speech in this country and he’s making a stand for it, jew or not.


  2. Cartier, B’Man is correct to question motives of any jew purportedly on the “White” side of things. Sometimes, it’s the mere fact that jews pretend to be “White”, while the rest of their white-skinned jew brethren savage White people while hiding behind their devious jewish “white” skins to accomplish their jew destructions.

    That sets up a disconnect where some Whites continue seeing jews as being the “same as we are”, which many of our own people cannot see through, and blacks and other jew influenced minorities can’t either, when they see jewish evil as being the White man’s fault. It’s “possible” that some few jews are sincere, but how the hell do we know?

    “Dear readers, before you scoff at the very idea that black socks (herein called BS) should be banned, please consider the following before you discard the very idea into the proverbial “dirty laundry bin“.

    The Ban Black Socks Movement (BBSM) is growing at a fast pace especially among the young progressive and more enlightened members of our communities such as Social Justice Warriors (SJWs).

    Did you know that the wearing of BS is a symbol of White privilege and Black oppression? Wearers “step on” Black dignity with every step they literally take!! For countless centuries blacks have been terribly oppressed by Whites across the globe and have been trodden on and down by Whitey. And it continues even more so TODAY, right now in the current year!!”.


  3. I understand your point, Flanders, but I think you’re taking the disconnect between who the jews are and what we know about their motives to the extreme in THIS case. I don’t know Shapiro’s personal jew stance as a jew but I will not repeat my point made above.


  4. I know what you are saying Cartier, and I don’t avoid good sources for real help, either. I merely warn people to pay attention and dig beneath the surface every time that a jew is said to be helpful to Whites. Don’t develop a complacency because of an established course of time. That “help” often shows up in unexpected ways, sometimes much later, and is either not helpful, actually harmful, or had other purposes “good for the jew” in the background.

    Here is some info for you. My bold. “A security team guarding Jude Law was attacked by migrants as the Hollywood star visited the jungle camp in Calais.

    The 43-year-old actor was in France with a film crew…”. —- “But shortly after the cameras stopped rolling, their minders were ambushed by some of the migrants…”.

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  5. “Cartier, B’Man is correct to question motives of any jew purportedly on the “White” side of things.”

    You know, guys, Henry Makow is a god damn jew himself but I don’t see you giving him any shit over it. David Cole risked his life to expose his own people. Why don’t you go after him??? Too bad Benjamin Freedman is dead, you could kick his ass, too.

    In your self indulgent, self righteous hysteria over “I can expose the jews better than you” bullshit you have completely missed the point and think you look savvy and intelligent by kicking the messenger instead of listening to and dealing with the message.

    I’m sorry, did I hear someone call me complacent???


  6. You know what? Why don’t the 2 of you, in separate emails for more effectiveness, contact Ben Shapiro directly with your concerns. He might even answer and it would let him know we don’t take any shit from them. I will post his answers if you get one.

    Go on, do it. You’re not afraid to actually stand up to an actual jew, are you? I’ve done twice, in public, and it didn’t cross my eyes none, as we say in the South.


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