African Culture for Everyone: Niggers Live and Raw

God help us all.


WARNING – it’s pretty sickening, but White people throughout the world may as well know what to expect from “enrichment”:

From Lithobolos:

This is the real negro, in its natural habitat. As Western society and Christian civilization continue to break down in Europe and America, the blacks on those continents will ultimately revert back to their true and natural selves, and whatever Whites are left will indeed experience the niggers for what they really are!

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6 thoughts on “African Culture for Everyone: Niggers Live and Raw

  1. Already been happening. The Klan was developed to save White Southern Women from being raped and robbed by the suddenly freed nigger slaves. David Duke makes this perfectly clear on his site. Ever since they “won” the right to mingle in White society after forcing us to accept integration, they continue to rape, maim & destroy the civilization we built and “let” them use. And you can thank the fucking jews for bringing them over 300 yrs ago in the slave trade.

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    • If I recall correctly, I think they donned the white robes to scare niggers in the night. They be ghosts and all, the niggers thought!! LOL.
      We have so much disinfo about the Klansmen like you guys from the States… Like (((they))) always do, they speak about the “evils” of the Klan, but not why they began. What were the reasons that led them to form bands to lynch the niggers. They were pissed off, and besides, it was done out of principle. Niggers had an attitude, it seems, like the niggers that we see now. And the Klan was formed so to defend the White people from the emancipated “slaves”. I think Lincoln was trying to send them back to Africa when he was assasinated. Even he wasn’t fooled about niggers, now almost everyone who cheers for him does.

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    • Barf!!! He was mourned by the jews as they did mourn Julius Caesar!!! He was a puppet of them through and through. “A jew not in blood, but in spirit”. Boy, they still praise him to this day.
      Maybe his project of sending the niggers to Africa was to the jews a betrayal… Or either, they betrayed him. May it be a warning to anyone planning to become a shabbos goy. They are the first to go when they outlive their usefulness. The jews are psychopaths through and through.

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