Women, Hey!

By Digger For Truth  Part 1


This awkward subject of mgtow [men going their own way] has bubbled up to the surface again. Some of us have tried to avoid this topic, as it’s a bit too touchy and we feel we need to ‘just get on with other more pressing stuff’.

But it ain’t going away, so we’d better try and address it. After all we’re in the Truth business.

Before we start; we have to acknowledge that all of us are going to view this controversial subject from our bias positions. All of us have our personal experiences with this topic and this will affect our impartiality.

It is essentially we don’t allow unnecessary divisions to occur within the cause, from this topic or any topic. Look how cohesive are adversaries are. All of us in the movement are hotheads, if we weren’t of that nature, we wouldn’t be in the fight and nothing would get done. But we also  need to pull together as much as we can, just agreeing to disagree on various ‘hot’ subjects.

As I see things, whenever we’re dealing with any issue ‘out there’ – we have to distinguish between the problem and the root cause. Whenever I look at any current affairs, or new social meme, or just the shit that’s going on; I always look behind the curtain at the big bad jew. It’s always, always, always collective jewry (international jewry) behind every rock.

And therefore I see the root cause of this whole mgtowsocial trend as being a jewish-orchestrated meme – just more social engineering. It has been designed, architected in some think tank many moons ago. And it’s worked!

The example I often give to people, having been in the construction industry for quarter of a century, is if one has mould in their house, then it’s futile trying to keep addressing ‘fixing’ the mould superficially. We have to address why the mould is there in the first place. How about we look at the blocked drain outside which is causing the dampness to seep into the building, to cause the mold(?)

However, even though we’ve addressed or recognized the blocked drain, when we go back into the house and sit inside our lounge; we cannot simply ignore the problem. The lounge still reeks of motty mould. It still looks unpleasant with black patches all over the walls. It’s still damp and uncomfortable and even dangerous to breathe. So of course we’re going to keep moaning about the mould. This is perfectly natural behaviour.

Likewise, any of us are going to be moaning about what’s happened to the sexes. BOTH sexes. So what many of us are doing is highlighting the behavior of a certain type of man and a certain type of women……which has been created by our kosher overlords.

Most of my readers will know that I’m always harping on about how we’ve gotta stop being spectators and start being participants (activists). But really I’m predominantly addressing the MEN. The warriors, the protectors, the meerkats. Where have all the men gone? I physically have known about 24/26 jew-wise men and only two of them have done something significant – off their own back, from their own inertia. I have done more street activism over the years with women than men, and they haven’t needed to be coaxed, asked or nagged neither. They have been compelled to do something, with personal inconvenience.

So believe me ladies – I’m with you regarding these pathetic beta-men who claim to be in this movement. Yep, the big boys have done a crackin job on us guys. De-manned, apathetic specimens of men, who’s priorities in life are predominantly based around pleasure-seeking, sensory gratification and comforts. I hate to admit it, but these jewmans have done a mighty fine job in destroying any potential warriors.

I noticed years ago when I was about 20, before I snapped out of my trance, how in advertisement the man would always be looking up to the women in the advert. I always thought that was bizarre and artificial and continued to notice this theme. As if women were the leaders, with whimsy men in a passive, follow-your-woman mode. Yet at the same time being lectured on how domineering and sexist men were towards women?!*?!* Total mind fuck – by design.

And of course these inconsistent, ambiguous messages are ubiquitous now – tv, cinema, magazines, etc. We’re getting the message that men are weaklings and women wear the trousers in the relationships. And men should feel damn guilty whenever they assert their rights (defend themselves).

Then we can add the damage by: pornography, electro-magnetic-pollution, oestrogen-interfering plastic bottles, mobile phones and masks, de-natured foods and personal-care products, polluted environments, chemtrails, poisoned drinking water, social engineering – ad infinitum. A multi-dimensional hormonal attack on all of us – both sexes.

As a carpenter who’s worked in people’s houses for decades, I (and my work mates) have gradually observed what’s happened to clients. I have noticed how increasingly I have had to predominantly deal with the female partner (often assertive/bossy women). She is usually the one who is the bred winner in the relationship – therefore makes the decisions and dons the trousers. With the smiling, passive man standing in the background. When she is not around, and I ask this metro-man a simple question such as ‘Where do you want the handle fixed?’ – there’s an immediate panic and he can’t make a decision and inevitably retorts “Ermmm, errh – I best ask the boss (his wife); or I’ll be in trouble.” PATH-ETC, PATH-ETC, PATH-ETC CREATURES.

I know men who are sacred stiff of their wives, partners, female bosses. Men in their late forties frightened of their mum telling them off if they stay out late. It’s painfully sad.

Years ago I read somewhere in a section of the Vedas, where it stated that in the end of the iron age kalpa (world spiritual evolution/ final season) that men would act like women and women like men. But I think it’s even turned out worse than that. If it was just a swap over of the sexes, it wouldn’t be so bad; but it’s also turned very ugly and unsavory.

Almost everything the jews do to us has multi-dimensional purposes. As I see it, this whole feminist/mgtow agenda ticks these boxes for the jews [these obviously overlap]:

1/. Both sexes are fucked …….and therefore not being fucked. And that’s the game

plan isn’t it. So we don’t naturally connect and work symbiotically as nature had

intended. Therefore we (Western Europeans) do not procreate as we naturally

would……have children. Tis that simple. It’s just social engineering for eugenics

purposes to destroy the family unit; in alignment their NWO eugenics plan,

2/. To destroy the potential of the defensive warrior in the males. So men do not

protect the women, families, country, race, etc; by standing up to these tyrants =

actually DO SOMETHING as opposed to moan about the situation.

3/. Generally create divisions between males and females – furthering society’s

breakdown. Father/daughter, sister/brother, gender agitation within the workplace,

etc (not just in partnerships).

4/. Use women as a weapon against men – to degrade men, be unsupportive to them,

knock/erode their confidence, push them to one side as unneeded once they’ve got

their baba (encouraged by government benefits), etc.

5/. Use men as a tool against women – to belittle women, or conversely to actively

assist in any anti-nature roles, etc.

6/. Degrade women – make all women look like aggressive, irrational, fickle, unstable

feminist monsters.

7/. Degrade men – make all men look like pathetic beta-male specimens, or bitter &

twisted loners who loathe all women.

All classic divide and rule. And within their bigger demonic plan – being anti-nature. Except they now have the cherry on the cake by dividing some of us truthers on these touchy subjects.







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