What If? The Frith and Cultural Marxism by Mórríghan Kelly (8th Grade Student)

The child of the warrior is the warrior.

Týr Blackthorn

What If? The  Frith and Cultural Marxism

by Mórríghan Kelly (8th Grade Student)

Parents, Folk, YOU deserted us when we needed you most, you left us to defend, fight for ourselves…Us, Your Children! ~Mórríghan Kelly

I pen this with great sadness, sadness that many of our European, those of European Ancestry, Adults have failed us, failed us The European Children, The Children of  European Ancestry, YES YOU FAILED US! YOU FAILED YOUR CHILDREN!

I am Female! Descended from The Ancients, Ancestors of The Frith, The Great Celtic-Germanic-Norse are my Peoples. For this essay I will focus on my European Ancestral Heritage and Culture of The Frith and ask ‘What If’ it is being destroyed by Cultural Marxism. 

‘What If’ is the most important question anyone may ask in society, a society where what we are told is ‘Truth’ (Officially Sanctioned History) is not supported by archaeology nor cultural…

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