16 Year-Old White Girl Dies in Coma After Beating by 34-Year-Old Black BF

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Remember The 14 Words

Where’s the father?
After spending two weeks in an intensive care unit, a 16-year-old has died after she was beaten by her 34-year-old boyfriend, police said.
Hailey Hall was taken to Mercy Health West Hospital on Feb. 29, and a felonious assault was reported. She was later transferred to University of Cincinnati Medical Center.
Investigators later discovered the assault had taken place at the Inner Circle nightclub at 4343 Kellogg Ave. in East End around 2 a.m.
The St. Bernard-Elmwood Place High School 10th grader died Monday from her injuries, police said.
“Honestly, It’s devastating,” Hailey’s principal, Alison Gates told The Enquirer. “No 16-year-old deserves to have her life end the way that her life ended.
“Her life was just beginning. She had so much to look forward. She was at school. She was working hard, so it’s just tragic.”
Superintendent Mimi Webb said Hailey started at Elmwood Place…

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