The Color of Crime 2016 Edition

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Remember The 14 Words

Blacks are 27 times more likely to attack whites than vice versa, six times more likely than a nonblack to commit murder, and are 12 times more likely to murder someone of another race than to be murdered by someone of another race.
These—and other—findings are contained in the latest update to The Color of Crime report issued by the New Century Foundation and American Renaissance.

The Color of Crime is a report on differences in crime rates by race, bias in the justice system, and interracial crime, first published as a monograph in 1999, and which has now been updated and expanded to a 2016 edition. It can be read in full here on the American Renaissance website, and can also be downloaded as a PDF file.
The report’s major findings are as follows:
* The evidence suggests that if there is police racial bias in arrests it is…

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