The New Normal


The white, straight male is now an endangered species.  We are becoming the new abnormal.


7 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. They are and will remain queers. They will fit right in with the intent of Israel and the jew traders who pick among them.

    “Israel the so-called “oasis of democracy and human rights” been cited by the United Nations and the US State Department was one of the worst offenders in this slave trade, a $ 1,000,000,000 dollar booming industry which continues to this day.”

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  2. You’re right, and thanks for the link. Everyone needs to know about this hidden side of the stinking jews. They have introduced, throughout history, every sort of perversion; not only do they plunder our money, they plunder our morality. And we let them.

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  3. You are correct, Cartier. There is nothing such as character among jews. What the jew substitutes in the place of character is hypocrisy and treachery. There is more on that point in the link below than there is about the negroes.

    “The black commentator in the following video calls the JEW ‘rapper’ and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Ali G) a “cracker”, evidently because he knows JEWS were prominent among those cracking whips over the backs of blacks in the American slave trade— the word “cracker” derives from the whip-crackers in the slave trade. For he also says the creep Cohen is a JEW and even argues that JEWS are worst than Whites, because “if Whites are the devil, the JEWS are the father of the devil”…

    Blacks in America seem to know more about the JEWS than most White folk think…”.

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  4. We all know that there are those who seek to control society by breaking the meaningful parameters which have existed throughout history. Much of the who about who is doing it is as close as knowing who it is who controls the imputs on the nearest kosherized televisions, computers or movie screens. There are also more drastic ways in which it is done, ways that constitute what Kevin Alfred Strom terms “Real Child Abuse”. See if you happen to agree with him. I know that I do.

    “HE’S JUST LIKE Josef Mengele, but real. Mengele was a World War 2 German medical doctor who was alleged by Jews to have been a “Nazi” monster who performed horrible medical experiments, especially on helpless children — experiments such as injecting blue dye into a child’s eyeballs to “turn brown eyes blue” and the like. The 70-year-old story of Joseph Mengele, however, is almost entirely mythical and unbelievable. But the story I am going to tell you is about a real monster. The story I will tell you, about a Jewish doctor named Norman Spack (pictured), is true by Spack’s own voluminous admissions — and is happening right now, as I speak, and it is happening right here in the United States of America. In my opinion, which I will now explain, and in the opinion of a growing number of concerned people, what Spack and his colleagues — many of whom are also his fellow Jews — are doing constitutes real child abuse under the color of medicine.

    Spack takes little children, most of them evidently White children, some of them as young as six years old, and using his knowledge of endocrinology, injects them with “hormone blockers” to suppress the normal onset of sexual puberty. The so-called “treatments” last for years. These children never develop their normal sexual characteristics and take on a weird, androgynous look as Dr. Spack sets the stage for more bizarre injections and mutilations by him and his colleagues to follow.

    Then, a few years later, these children’s helpless bodies are medically flooded with the hormones of the opposite sex from their actual sex — little girls are flooded with the male hormone testosterone; little boys are flooded with the female hormone estrogen — in such huge quantities that the boys start to develop female breasts, and never develop their normal masculine bone and muscle structure; and the young girls never develop female breasts or the feminine curve of the hips, but instead get broad shoulders, square jaws, and facial hair.

    And after long, long years of this severe chemical abuse of a child’s body — along with equally severe abuse of the child’s mind in the form of “counseling” from Spack’s cohorts …”. [Continues].

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