The Killing Of Kayla



The Killing of Kayla


God bless Dr. William Pierce and may we be blessed to follow him and save ourselves.


4 thoughts on “The Killing Of Kayla

  1. Thanks, Flanders, and for that fascinating link. I’ve never seen it before. What the muslims don’t realize is that, in the end, the stinking jews will exterminate them, too. Like the niggers, muslims are just jew tools for their ultimate agenda. There can be only one.

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  2. SOME muslim “leaders” may realize it, Cartier.


    That may also account for being the real reason behind this:
    “…the Saudis have found their behind-the-scenes collaboration with Israel extremely valuable. Netanyahu has played a key role in lining up the U.S. Congress to fight an international agreement to resolve a long-running dispute over Iran’s nuclear program.”

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