Black Mob Attacks Lone School Girl

One of the few who gets it. Ship the dirty dumb niggers back to Africa. And you fucking white liberals and jews who did this to us can join them since you love kissing ape ass so much.

Remember The 14 Words

Here’s imagery you won’t see from Hollywood: A lonely white girl is set upon by a mob of Africans in America.

In the Hollywood versions, the victim is black and the violent racists are always white. In the real world the victims are white kids who are set upon by black mobs.

As you watch the video, what lame excuses come to mind?

Schools were once segregated in some parts of the United States for this express reason: To protect innocent white kids from black violence.

This is the same black violence I experienced everyday when I was in high school nearly 50 years ago. Nothing has changed because the behavior is genetic.

One would think that after multiple generations of exposure to civilized Western culture, virtually all blacks would have acculturated long ago. The tragic truth is: They have not acculturated because many cannot acculturate.

Denial is no remedy…

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