Breivik and Violence

How many of us would really fight and die to save us?

Remember The 14 Words

A post appeared on the MD International Facebook group, the question was based around more or less what people thought about Breivik, a figure who elicits different emotions from people across the right, from people who call him a hero to those who call him a child murderer, an agent of the jews and someone who has done more harm than good to the radical right in Europe.
I replied with the following, but I feel this is something I should expand on.
“I may not like Breivik, but I view him with the same begrudging respect I give for Muslim scum who join IS.

They have the balls to ‘put up or shut up’ they have the courage of their convictions, they believe in an ideology bigger than themselves, they value their ideals over their life.

I sometimes think Europe would be a very different place if we all…

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2 thoughts on “Breivik and Violence

  1. That is a great posting, Cartier. It needs to be read and understood by all White men. It is aimed at the people of Europe, but it applies as well to White men everywhere, including America.

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