The Multi-Racial Future Is Here: Blacks Stabbing Random Whites On NYC Streets


The Social Nationalist

by Eric Striker

Just two years after Stop-and-Frisk was struck down on the grounds of “racism” by Jewish federal judge Shira A. Scheindlin, New York City’s $3.8 billion dollar militarized police force is struggling to contain a city-wide spate in random racial violence against white people. The ‘majority-minority’ city, hailed around the world as an exceptional example of how racial integration can be “successful” once working class white people are driven out, is being exposed as a South Africa style powderkeg with a rapidly dwindling fuse lit by a combination of mass Zionist media monkey-cage rattling and government pressure on local police forces to give blacks license to rape and murder whites.

The latest outrage was committed by 25 year old Gregory Alfred, who slashed the throat of 53 year old Polish immigrant Janina Popko walking down the street with a kitchen knife in Brooklyn. The socially conscious African-American told police he sought to specifically stab a random white person in…

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