“I Am A WHITE Man”

I haven’t had time to go over this site and its links but everyone (white) needs to see this one.


By Denis

I am a White man – and I have realised that I am constantly judged for that by other White-skin people who have a problem with the fact that I am proud to be a White man.

Let me repeat that first sentence – “I am a WHITE man!”

Does that make you feel a little uncomfortable if you are also a White man? What if I said, “I am a White guy”, instead? Sound more acceptable to you – a bit more friendly? Have you ever wondered why? If you are a White man/guy, do you feel the colour of your skin, or do you just feel normal? Why have we been made to feel guilty because we are White?

[The world population is 7,500,000,000 (BILLION).What is the percentage (%) of WHITE people on Earth? ANSWER.]

Me? I…

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