Race, Rulings & Reality

Fisher v. Texas: Affirmative action at the University of Texas is constitutional, the Supreme Court rules


The truth of the matter is, Abigail Fisher was not denied entry to the University because she is white, but because her academics did not measure up to the school’s standards.   Trying to make a case based solely on race can backfire when the evidence shows it contrary.

af·firm·a·tive ac·tion



 an action or policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, especially in relation to employment or education; positive discrimination.

The prime but unrealistic example pundits like to give is if a white man and black man both apply for the same job as both are qualified and experienced, then you should hire the black man because he can sue you for “discrimination.”  However, most white employers would rather not hire any blacks, even if more qualified, due to their low IQ propensity for disruption, laziness and violence.    However, discrimination can and must take many forms, including manner of presentation, dress, intelligent responsiveness during interviews, hygiene, etc.     If someone comes to an interview without bathing for a week, they could hardly sue for discrimination for not being hired.   The word “discrimination,” like “anti-semitic,” has, thanks to the stinking jews manipulation of our language, become a dirty word and works to stop all intelligent discourse in its tracks.    We must not let that happen.

Here is the truth of Fisher’s lawsuit.


While playing the reverse-discrimination race card works in some situations, it can also backfire, making all Whites look ridiculous and whiny.   We must all be careful and pick our battles, which is to insure the continuation of our White Race.   This is nothing but a distraction while the dirty work goes on in the background.

And race DOES matter:


A Life History Perspective

2nd Special Abridged Edition

Professor J. Philippe Rushton







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