The Boys Of Summer

You can thank the fucking jews for this. Always remember who the REAL enemy is.



“We are going to kidnap you. We are going to rape you.”

Remember when you were a little kid, and summer was something you looked forward to all year long? School was out, the sky was blue and sunny, you were outside all the time, the days seemed to last forever and every one of them was a new adventure. It sure isn’t that way anymore, is it? Not even for young children.

And why is that? Why has summer become something we dread? Why has summer become something that we once longed for, but must now brace ourselves for?

I’ll tell you why: NIGGERS.

As soon as the weather warms up, NIGGERS emerge from their cockroach-infested, tax-subsidized Section-8 dwellings that have been intentionally situated in the demographically whitest area codes that our KIKE-controlled government could locate, and proceed to brutalize white people, leave garbage everywhere, commit robberies, rattle…

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