NatGeo Documentary Shows What Pre-White Africa Was Like

No wonder the niggers don’t want to go back to Africa.


The average urban black, obsessed with accusations that his failures are due to white racism and oppression, would be begging to be allowed back into the States (or Europe) after a few minutes in this part of Africa.

The white man’s burden was to bring the stone age Negro up to civilized standards. That was a foolish undertaking, leaving the urban Negro a failure, bitter about his own limitations.

Watch this fascinating documentary and realize that the Negro in your neighborhood is little changed from what you see here. Also observe the ridiculous white women intellectualizing the value of this primitive group of subhumans. The women are imbeciles of the first class.

[Note: I believe this video is an excerpt from a National Geographic documentary, but have not been able to confirm that. In any case, it appears authentic and authoritative.]

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11 thoughts on “NatGeo Documentary Shows What Pre-White Africa Was Like

  1. Hello
    I receive e-mails or a newsletter of sorts from you and was sent the above with a link to saboteur365 but neither of these webpages has an active link to the original video suggested in the above!? When the video is attempted opened I get a no show and message that states “Video is Private.”
    Almost always if the exact title of the video is given, one can find another link or the video posted by someone else on youtube. Can you give me the name of the video? Or a link to the video that doesnt come up Private?
    Also a Nat Geo video is shared in the comments section at saboteur365….Is this the video? I am looking for the original video suggested to view.
    See here:
    Video comes up Private. Another video shared by you….(National Geographic Live! – Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher: Painted Bodies of Africa)
    in the comment section.

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  2. Bathing in cow dung and urine, consuming bovine menstrual fluids…..killing and eating each other! Sex with donkeys?
    Yep! Thats the blackened bipeds!
    Left to their own devices! THEY’D ELIMINATE THEIR KIND!
    african Dinka TribeTakes Cow Urine Showers….

    african Cannibal war lords….

    Donkey Sex: A family tradition….


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  3. Yay!! At last I found the video of the cow pissers!! Truly disgusting shit!! So fucking insane!! The kid looked like he had a kippah made of urine on his hair!! And you still have liberal idiots who say that we are equal to these fuckers…! Not!!!

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      • Consider that these niggers have at least 20% White ancestry…… yet they look pretty black, and even more important, they ACT like the niggers of Africa. If they haven’t resorted to cannibalism yet, is because they have welfare stamps and cheap buckets of KFC…
        or did one of them tried the man-eating part, and I am not aware of it, Cartier? Because those stories tend to not reach this part of the continent.

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      • It’s hard to always tell how much White any nigger has in them unless you can see the Whiter refinement in their features & behavior. Lots of them are pure coal black. I look to behavior instead.

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      • Yeah. You know, I kinda feel sorry for the poor bastard who is black and has some of that “refinement”, as you say… Because living amongst the ghetto niggers — the niggers by behavior — for those types must be like hell, if they realize that their peers are largely to blame for what happens to them. Because niggers’ behavior, the stance of saying: “whitey is guilty of everything bad that happens to us!” is pretty childish. And some of them -a minority- probably realize that.
        Race-mixing should be a crime. IT IS a crime already, but I mean, a crime punished by law. Because whoever engages in race-mixing is condemning his child to be a mongrel: to be and not to be, at the same time. Not a good thing for a kid.

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    • They are sheltered mofos. Most of them are rich as fuck, that’s why they don’t have to deal with the consequences of the shitty people they bring to. They will just move to gated communities and that’s it. It’s the poor Whites who are hit the worst by the mongrel masses.

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