God Save Us From These Cunts



Dyke Willis and her “I love niggers” gesture.



Thumbs up from a fat ugly nigger who probly goes out robbin’ & rapen’ every night.   Maybe she sucked his cock in apology and gratitude.




4 thoughts on “God Save Us From These Cunts

  1. Women place is in family with kids, in kitchen, raising children. This crap what we living in is jew orchestrated satanic system to push women to rule over White heterosexual men. Look on the Polish jewish whore Angel Merkel , she destroying all of Europe on behalf of her jewish handlers. And the English just got Teresa May a homicidal whore who will not hesitated to use NUKE on behalf of her jewish handlers !!!
    The real holocaust coming on jew brought this on them self again !!!



  2. There will come a time when those White people who still are alive will recognize where their problems came from. Until then, we keep trying to awaken them.

    This article below is by someone who observes what jew communism is all about, and I think he has it exactly right. This applies for every White person around the world, but more particularly for now to the White people in America.

    “What America is witnessing now, what white America is lamenting, is the full promotion of the foot soldiers of Communism to a protected status that is meant to ‘Trump’ (pun intended) some of our favored early amendments in the Constitution.”
    “I really think the Jewish-run governments of the world are poised, and awaiting orders to utterly destroy the next ‘Nationalist’ WHITE country that pokes it’s chest out (that’d be us folks), after we are smeared as bigots and racist against those the communists intend on killing after they accomplish their political agenda; the reprobate gays, chronic welfare blacks that routinely kill their own in animalistic fashion, the illegals flooding across our southern border, and the most criminal elements of brainwashed Islam. We need not only look at the narratives advanced through every mass killing since 9/11, the capitulating tone of the two-tongued rhetoric coming out of mouths of those most prominent elite now supporting Trump who are telling us our values need to evolve to marry the day and age we live in (despite overwhelming evidence in history past that shows white western man prospered when behavioral vices were shamed and punished rather than lauded and rewarded), but we also must not forget Bolshevik Russia, and investigate to see if we can forecast how the Perestroika Deception may be the next card played against these United States by the Jews.”

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