Mother Ape On Rampage



Napalm the entire race then we go after the stinking shit jews that started this.


8 thoughts on “Mother Ape On Rampage

  1. Link to the news is dead. Why I’m telling you this, Cartier? Because I tried to search the history, and the more words I put, the more results it spit out. If I wrote the complete phrase, it would toss me thousands of results… They erased the news, there’s no way you could link it wrong.
    And I tested searching for things like “2014” (yes, the year) to force older histories than this one to appear… and alas, they appeared! While this news piece from not earlier than 2016 is gone. Gone, gone, gone.
    They cover the dindus wrongdoings, the shitheads.

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  2. Updated. Many times links are removed from the original source as new stories take priority. Many videos are deleted by the uploader on Youtube as well, for copyright blah blah, thirdparty complaints, etc.

    Thanks for checking my stuff and let me know when you find anything.

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