More propaganda against having children….

think stupid cunts like Diaz et al, who insist we have enough people on the planet, should kill their useless damn selves and make us even more room. Notice that those pushing childlessness are WHITE!! Let ’em move to India and Africa and preach their jew shit there. Of course, the less White people, the easier to kill off the rest of us.


Don’t have kids goyim!
Save the environment!!!

(Save it for the future mulattoes and the jewish gods who will rule over them!)

People who don’t have children benefit our environment more than any campaign – it’s time to celebrate them

Society should also acknowledge that those who choose not to have children are making a valuable contribution to a sustainable future

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The global population is growing rapidly, while the resources we depend on to live are dwindling. If you consider the footprint each person makes on the world – in terms of food and water consumed, electricity and gas used, and waste produced – the challenge of improving living standards while protecting natural resources and the environment is striking. The question of human population size is fundamentally one…

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