The Rape And Murder Of Karina Vetrano

I can add nothing new or profound as Chris has said it all.



The truest words you will ever hear a nigger speak.

While the alt-right faggots are presently pissing and crying about Jew Paul Nehlen’s Senate primary defeat by Loxist Paul Ryan, I thought I’d talk about a news story that actually is worth getting outraged over.

On the evening of Tuesday August 2, a 30-year-old white woman named Karina Vetrano was brutally raped and murdered while jogging through a marsh in Howard Beach park in New York City. Her body was found that night by her own father, only 1 mile from her home.

Vetrano had been violently penetrated, both vaginally and anally, beaten and strangled. Her mp3 player and shoes had been stolen. The badge fags still don’t know who killed her, but we all know exactly who killed her, because Vetrano’s murder has NIGGER written all over it.


It could have easily been your daughter.

Karina’s father, Philip Vetrano…

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