Trump Felates Niggers In Detroit

Whoever gets in, we’d better be ready to fight for our lives and our future.



So this week, Donald Trump experienced a small, but ultimately irrelevant, recovery in his poll numbers, on account of his giving a passive and meticulously non-confrontational immigration-policy speech alongside that midget beaner president of Mexico. This, having coincided with yet another fresh Hillary Clinton email scandal, had the Alt (lifestyle) Right back to celebrating in orgy by week’s end.

Well, Saturday afternoon, Donald Trump yet again wiped his dick on the very same “Alt Right” with whom he refuses to be associated, but who shamelessly continue to teabag his nutsack, when he grovelled before a bunch NIGGERS at some nigger church over on Grand River Avenue:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stepped up his bid to win over minority voters by addressing a largely black church in Detroit on Saturday and calling for a new civil rights agenda to support African-Americans.

Just WHAT THE FUCK more “rights” does this…

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