Coon Crashes Cops

When this story first aired, I knew it was a fucking nigger.



The war on Whites is taking a new and deadly turn as niggers are now (((encouraged))) to take out those sworn to serve and protect us.   Once our protective institutions are attacked, the ability of those in charge to keep law and order is diminished to the point of no return.

The current trend of niggers and mixed apes who refuse to stand and salute our nation’s flag is expanding.  More then enough White libtard traitors are saluting them.

Muslim NBA Player Disrespects USA, Refuses To Stand For National Anthem “For Religious Reasons”

(((Those))) who want to destroy our county and our race, are organizing the lowest, stupidest and most violent dregs of our society, niggers and their White betrayers, young libtards who have been brought up on the Marxist Cultural agenda designed specifically to weaken and wipe out the White founders American Republic and its citizens.







And only we can stop it.



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