Cadillac Race Mixing

New commercial now pushing Asians & Apes;  as Asians generally have a higher IQ than Whites, jews are now pushing intellect diluting race mixing for them, as well.  You’ll notice that China & Japan have no sand niggers over running their countries, yet.

This is from 60 minutes New Zealand and was titled “Breeding Brainiacs Tiger Mums in New Zealand”. This is a mileasing title because it implies that Asians achieve better academically simply because they study more – the entire video is based on this misinformation. Research strongly indicates that intelligence, social stature, and success in life, is determined by genetics rather than by environment. Asian genes code for larger brains, which give them higher IQs. This higher IQ enables Asians to outcompete whites or blacks. Asian brain size is consistently measured as being larger than that whites or blacks whether measured using MRI scans, head circumferences, skull packing with sand or any known method. It’s 2012 yet the concept of race is still very taboo. Admitting racial brain size differences isn’t racist because “facts are facts”. For more credible information on this topic please refer to the book titled “Race, Evolution, and Behaviour” by Prof. Phillipe J. Rushton. It’s free to download. This Asian dominance of the New Zealand academic system is something Rushton’s findings inadvertently predicted, and predicted decades beforehand. The reporter of this video ignores and misinterprets credible scientific data to present her case in a woeful example journalism.

Other prominent Professors in the field in Richard Lynn, and Arthur Jenson.



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