White Extinction: Contradictions in Black Male, White Female Sex

Make sure you click on the article link and pick up his book. White men, beware!


Miscegenation propaganda--the Jewish psy op, promoting interracial sex never lets up; now it's naked dating, whatever the f*ck kind of Talmudvision that is

French New Right Resistance writer Guillaume Faye offers some thoughts from a longer piece titled The Race Mixing Imperative.

Excerpt from Righton.net

Biologically, the disappearance of a people, an ethnicity, or a race is achieved principally through others intermixing with its women, that is, with their wombs. The union of a woman of race X with a male of race Y is much more dangerous for race X than for race Y. For women are the biological and sexual reservoir of a race, a people, a genetic patrimony — not men.

Indeed, a woman can only bear a limited number of children in her life, while man can generate a multitude with any number of fertile women. Demographers only define fertility and population renewal in terms of the number of children per woman, by maternity and not by paternity.

This is why today we…

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