A White Racial Crisis


The facilitation of GENOCIDE is also the basis of the constant appeals from the (U.N.) United Nations, DEMANDING that we accept MILLIONS of immigrants to help counter the low birth rate among Europeans. According to a report published in January 2000 by the population division of the United Nations in New York, under the title  Immigration replacement: A solution to declining and aging population, Europe will need to accept 159,000,000 (MILLIONS) migrants by 2025.” >>To FULL article.


Photo: http://saboteur365.wordpress.com/

Beautiful blue-eyed white baby--there are not enough of them being born to replace the white population, which is shrinking in absolute numbers; a white

…yet, some hateful, mixed-race intruders welcome the demise of
blue-eyed, blonde people.


By Douglas Chism

Demographics are the facts and figures pertaining to various populations trends.

The science of demographics provides us with vital information concerning births and deaths, median age and affluence of a population, immigration and ethnic/racial shifts, and much more. This knowledge is important to our…

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4 thoughts on “A White Racial Crisis

  1. One of the ultimate goals of massive and uncontrolled “immigration” (it’s actually an intentionally imported invasion) is to racially mix the captive White American population through assimilation. We did not invite them. We did not set the policies (unless it was YOU who did it, because I know that I or my freinds and neighbors didn’t. I know it wasn’t you who did it, either.

    From Economic & Multicultural Terrorism

    “Treason and the US constitution”

    Even if you’re the only one to stand out alone from among the multitude you shall be the only one saved.

    God is not colorblind or he would of made us all the same kind/race/species in the beginning, and anyone or anything that says differently is of their father the devil who seeks to undo, pervert, mongrelize, and destroy all that God has created. Is there a problem with each of our kind dwelling within our own kindred boundaries of our own kindred habitats/homes/communities/churches/nations? Or did God lie when he said mongrels will not enter his house of worship for up to 10 generations and forever? Treason is spiritual in nature as well.”
    “I have noticed that some of my grown kids and neighbors will avoid me because they do not want to be criticized or corrected for their bad behavior, bad attitudes, and bad habits. They will knash their teeth at any such attempts. If they are being trashy they will get mad if you call them trash. If they are being druggies or drunks they will get mad if you call them a drug addict or alcoholic. If they are being ignorant and lazy and you point it out to them they will hate you and become your enemy.”
    “I was taught in school to ignore people who blamed the Jews for anything…How Foolish!

    I’m starting this topic out with the leftist treason of mass non-white enemy coreligionist immigration and miscegenation leading to the socioeconomic, political, and genocidal aspects behind it all…Buckle-up…”.

    [Continues with much more. The post has 5 Stars for excellence and deserves more. That is why I received, and disregarded (as I have learned to do) a fake certificate warning, which is a standard jew ploy to keep people away from good, harder-hitting truthful sites which are showing race truths.].

    Treason in America 1

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  2. I just had the same type of warning from your site, Cartier. It seems the jews have a newly instituted project for the election eve, one they have been engaging in for a long time in different ways..

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