What I find most disturbing is this is probably a public school and thus the teachers are using these kids as pawns for their Marxist agenda on the tax payer funded paycheck.

And don’t forget nigger on White rapes and murders AND miscegenation promoted by the jew media and lapped up like dark chocolate by young libtards who fuck coons to prove they are not racist.



These mentally retarded apes have just enough cognitive capacity to sense that they can’t survive without being in close proximity to Whites and sponging off of the fruits of our collective industry and genius. What we get in exchange for subsidizing these lesser simians is crime, endless hooting and screeching and howling about racism in order to procure gibs ( their (((handlers))) taught them these vocalizations just as an organ grinder trains his monkey to screech and gather change in a cup), trillions in lost revenues, ruined cities, and a much less safe , lower- trust society. Not to mention having to look at their ugly stupid faces in what should be a beautiful , friendly , prosperous society built exclusively by and for European White humans .

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