Temptations Merry Christmas


2 thoughts on “Temptations Merry Christmas

  1. Hi Cartier! I haven’t been able to catch you for a while.

    I thought you might be interested in this. What were the belief’s which White people held extending back into times BC? This is about “Anglo-Saxon Heritage”.

    “We modern Christians are taught by preachers and liberals that peace is what God wants for us, and that we should disdain war. They ignore the fact that it is the defense of that very ideal which justifies war. Defending Godly ideals against those who would destroy them or our people, has made our history little more than a journal of wars. War has become our nature. War is in our soul; we hunger for it at the same time that we fear it. War has become our Godly exercise; it is the activity of God working through us individuals. It is God’s contest, in a great arena, where Good and Evil wage eternal battle against each other. Heroes, noble causes, justice, defending the innocent, peace at home, femininity and gentle nurturing, a woman’s love, children, avenging wrongs, conquering evil; these are values which are worth more than a warrior’s life, and for which one will charge into certain death, even against such terrors as dragons and witches who threaten the Godly utopia in the mind of our national soul.

    Hard as some might try, the soul’s urge to battle on behalf of Good cannot be learned out of children, even in the pacifist liberal society of today.”

    As to that last part, we have seen that the jews know how to transfer that youthful search for good and to divert it into accomplishing evil purposes, all the while making sounds as if it is being done for greater good. But, that is what the anti-Christ jews have always done, so that it is now an easy task for them should be no surprise. There are just too few of us who are truly knowledgeable about many of the ways which jews use to war against us, and our younger people have no effective teachers and must basically learn, as we have, on their own. Anyway, here is the link to the article and another link to the index of many of his articles.

    Anglo-Saxon Heritage

    Index to his page of materials:

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  2. Hello Flanders, missed you. Thanks for the great links. jews have none of the virtues of the White Race, they are mere parasites and know nothing else. We could have destroyed them thousands of years ago but we did not and now we pay the price.

    Did you enjoy the video? We can’t whine about the jews all the time;)


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