The Transgender Fad and Its Consequences

Add also that transgenderism and faggotry prevents, biologically, the propagation of the White Race. And you can thank the jews for all of it.


Revised on 12/05/16, with the addition of the penultimate paragraph, a related reading, and two more links under “other related posts.”

You know what “hateful discriminatory” speech is. It’s speech that offends a leftist’s precious prejudices. A good example is found in a recent post here, “The IQ of Nations.” The post is based on facts, insofar as they can be ascertained, about the average IQs of the people of 159 countries. But because the post contradicts what leftists want to believe, or profess to believe, about the correlation between race and intelligence, it is — by their definition — “hateful and discriminatory.”

It’s also “hateful and discriminatory” to suggest that transgenderism is, for the most part, a fad. Worse than that, it’s a fad that will leave much harm in its wake while further diminishing the liberty of Americans. I hereby plead guilty, in advance, to the…

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9 thoughts on “The Transgender Fad and Its Consequences

  1. Hey, Cartier, methinks that OP got somehow offended… Look:
    “Revised on 12/07/16 with the addition of this statement:

    I have turned off comments, pingbacks, and likes for this post. It seems to have attracted the attention of persons with a neo-Nazi political agenda. This post is emphatically not about the suppression of any person or group of persons because of his or her sexual preferences. It is about the regrettable decisions that some young persons make about their sexuality. And it is about the cheerleading for transgenderism on the part of “liberals,” pundits, and politicians who seem not to care one whit about the destructive social consequences of the policies that they wish to ram down the throats of the 99.4 percent of Americans who are not transgendered.”

    Someone who doesn’t see the forest for the trees. To be a “libertarian” is to be a masochist, to some degree. Your pingback/reblog is not there…
    Boo! A couple of people (you weren’t the only one, miss) with an “evuuul” [added by me] Neo-Nazi agenda made OP reject more pingbacks to his post… A shame. Although your comment in your reblog probably made OP get nervous on his pants. Oooooooooh. Evil NaZZi cat-ladies! Pesky ladieSS and chapSS!
    I’d reblog it for the lulz, but OP doesn’t allow comments anyway… A shame. The tolerance! The libertarians! LOL.

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  2. I can always count on you to spot what matters. Interesting. He should learn something from the message instead of shooting the messenger. Too bad for him. At least I got the article before he boo hoo’d. I’m proud to be the one of a few that made him wet his pants. Jackass.

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    • Hmmm, yes. However, he might be too old to learn. He is on his mid-70’s… If he was younger, I’d reblog it with an old chans meme… Since I don’t like to bash old people, I will leave it there.
      I see liberalism now as a lack of will. An illness of will, if wish to call it like that… He has been infested with the ideas that have been infecting the West for over 200 years for too long… Imagine, he could be my granpa. And he is entrenched on his stance, as well.

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      • Really? I had no idea. Well, so much the worse for him. I’d hate to die living a lie. I’ll never understand people so entrenched in lies when the evidence is all around them. I have the same trouble with MMGW hoax people who won’t look at the available science. So I’m actually fighting a war on 2 fronts, haha!

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      • It’s kinda hard to believe for them your stance… specially if you have the likes of Leo DiCaprio peddling the global warming hoax on movies… Yes, DiCaprio it’s more believable than, let’s say, a scientist who just got a cut on his funding because his research showed that the earth is cooling… DiCaprio, a Hollyweird star says that the earth is warming and he is gonna save the planet and we should believe him, because, he is Leo DiCaprio, come on!! Why would he lie?! LOL.
        You know, if I see DiCaprio or a similar sta(rred) peddling something too seemingly complex for him, I tend to not believe that person. I call bullshit there. LOL

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