Race, Death & The Presidency

This hard hitting article from the Occidental Observer gives facts, statistics and reiterates the common knowledge that Negro predilection for violence is due to their lower IQ and seemingly inability to learn, retain and act with empathy and restraint.   When the jews shipped them over as slaves 300 years ago, they clearly knew what the end result would be for the White race.   That’s why they did it.

While Thumper is White, he is clearly in the jews’ pocket, so it remains to be seen what kind of legacy on race relations he leaves us in 4 years.  If he refuses to defend his own heritage and people, we will be in sorry shape, indeed.









7 thoughts on “Race, Death & The Presidency

      • If our forefathers had killed every Jebusite, Hittite, Hivite, Amarite, perezzite and Philistine, ( all niggers and darkies) like God told them to do, instead of pitying them and marrying into them and “sharing culture” with them, they would not be among us today. atheists, sodomites and other enemies of God declare God to be a genocidal maniac.
        Just who is raping and killing us today???


      • Precisely, and if our forefathers had exterminated the jews instead of just throwing them out of their countries, we wouldn’t be in this mess now.

        So, HOW do we get rid of them??

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      • “So, how do we get rid of them?”
        First you do an 88 and stand up to them. You go to their dens and take a nice relic, and a nice flag to them and call them out.
        Do an 88 point to a huge liner waiting at the docks for them and then you do what they did to 15,000 German refugees.
        You sink the ship.


  1. Been doing this. I harass every jew I see, usually by saying “the holocaust is a hoax, you lying shitload parasite.” I see a lot of them on the bus in Los Angeles. However, forcing them on ships to sink them is not going to do the trick. We have to first dislodge them from our institutions. How do we do that?


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