Black, Human & Kind

With all the headlines and bloggers screaming about how niggers are trashing & killing the White world, this video shows another side.  If everyone, not just blacks, behaved like this man in this tender and civilized moment, not only could we defeat the jews, but live in peace, as well.


2 thoughts on “Black, Human & Kind

  1. Hi Cartier! Hope you are doing good. I thought you would enjoy this.

    So long, Old Uncle Tomobama – No slave is needed who can’t pick enough cotton

    Nigger houseboy’s usefulness is now ended and he doesn’t know how to pick cotton for Israel – so he is no longer wanted on the jew Plantation, which began operations in about the same year that the Federal Reserve Board was “passed” (not to mention the jew’s FRB enforcer, the IRS).

    According to the site reporting this – you would almost feel sorry for Israel (If you were dumb, or crazy enough to do so). It’s actually a pretty good laugh, even though I haven’t confirmed it and there’s no link.

    “Throughout his 8 years of presidency, the Rockville Woodmont Country Club has given Obama a membership at their prestigious club free of charge—waiving the absurd $80,000 initiation fee and yearly membership dues of almost $10,000. Now, many Jewish members of the club are demanding for him to be kicked out of the club because of his disgusting treatment towards Israel.”

    [Woodmont Holohoax Reparations Clubhouse, or something like that]

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  2. Hello Flanders, been missing you. Hahaha! I’m sure he’s crying all the way home. Let’s see if thumper undoes this one. He’s Israels new ass kisser, after all.


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