British Nationalism

If this short but brilliant video doesn’t rouse us to action, then we are lost forever.


6 thoughts on “British Nationalism

  1. Cartier, That is a great video with inspiring words, truthfully stated. It is time for the same sentiments in all our White countries. Those are rightfully proud people who face an obstacle which prevents their message being absorbed by the public, however, as the jews have poisoned the label of National Socialist among all of the general public except for those of us who have studied and already have learned about the jews evils. That jew-ingrained bias still runs deep. A new descriptive term is needed which Is more attuned to modern thought, in order to evade and help people escape from that label trap, and to enable leadership to arise under a banner which is without an ingrained adverse connotation.

    Some may contend that what the general public thinks doesn’t matter, but that is very short-sighted to think. Our path is greatly eased if we have the general population with us, and listening to their own thoughts which we reflect and express – instead of listening to the jew’s distractions. In the long-run that is essential.

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  2. I’m not getting the pop-up this time, Cartier. It was showing as Name invalid or doesn’t match on a Certificate error, and showed PM on a Go Daddy certificate authority – G2 [9-27-16/11-26-17]. It has now shown up again. My input on keyboard is erratic and slo—w.


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