With This Ring, I Exterminate

Jew owned Hollywood has been churning out mixed marriages for decades, starting with the beloved Katherine Hepburn.  Did she need the money????  Was she fucking her co-star??

Here is the latest addition to our decimation.


Here is a list of all the others.


Remember, the one you wed may be your executioner.




16 thoughts on “With This Ring, I Exterminate

  1. Hepburn is claimed not to have been a jewess, but I suspect that she was one. I suspect that she was one of those Crypto-jews (hidden) who try to sway regular and normal people by being a celebitry endorsing leftist policies in order to make regular people think that the celebrity who is touting the leftist positions is also actually another White. All that time those anti-White Crypto-jews [who are white-skinned only] are spewing the garbage typical of anti-White activists and full-blown communists. The Hollywood Ten were actually The Hollywood Thousands and Tens of Thousands, almost all were communists, and most who were communists were jews, so they had plenty of cover and networking communist and jew associates both in and outside of Hollywood.

    Katherine Hepburn, copy of a comment from a random commenter at a link not kept.

    “According to Kenneth Lloyd Billingsley’s book “Hollywood Party: How Communism Seduced the American Film Industry in the 1930s and 1940s”, Hepburn was a leftist in her politics in the 1940s. When the Conference of Studio Unions, headed by suspected Communist Party member Herb Sorrell, launched a strike in 1946-1947 against the studios and fought other unions for control over Hollywood’s collective bargaining, she expressed support for him (Sorrell was kidnapped, beaten, and left for dead, during the strike, possibly by the Mafia, which up until the early 1940s, had controlled the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, which was contesting the CSU for jurisdiction over Hollywood unions.) At a Screen Writers Guild meeting during the CSU strike, She also made a speech which anti-communist, anti-CSU SAG activist Ronald Reagan recognized as being based word for word on a CSU strike bulletin. She ignored lover Spencer Tracy’s admonition that actors should stay out of politics (“Remember who shot Lincoln”). Despite their family’s wealth, her mother had been sympathetic to Marxism and the Soviet Union. On May 19, 1947, Hepburn addressed a Progressive Party rally at the Hollywood Legion Stadium with Progressive Party stalwart and later presidential candidate Henry Wallace (with a crowd that included the likes of Judy Garland, Edward G. Robinson, Lena Horne, Charles Chaplin, Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner and Danny Kaye), the former vice president of the U.S. who had been sacked from President Harry S. Truman’s cabinet for being pro-Soviet. Wearing a red dress, Hepburn delivered a speech, written by Communist Party member and soon-to-be indicted Hollywood Ten member Dalton Trumbo. When another Hollywood Ten screenwriter Ring Lardner Jr., (winner of an Oscar for writing her picture Woman of the Year (1942), was jailed, she wrote a letter of support for him. Years later, in 1964, when Lardner was trying to get Tracy to star in The Cincinnati Kid (1965), he thanked Hepburn her support. She told him she didn’t remember writing the letter and refused to talk about it.”

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    • I am so sorry, Flanders, that I missed your comments on this. Thanks so much for copying the extraordinary comment above. Hollywood has been jew owned and run since the 20s. If you want to be famous, you have to kowtow to whatever the current politico is interwoven through the studios. Some traitorous Whites genuinely believe in what the jews are promoting.

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      • I’d use a stronger term than “kowtow”, but let’s keep the comments section clean, shall we? LOL. Remember Nikki Haley, her jew masters… and my hellish imagination.
        And you live close to the belly of the beast!! If I were one of those movie pundits, I’d ask you if you have ever seen one of those “celebrities” (as it really were something to celebrate about them). But since I’m not so nosy, I won’t.

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      • LOL. Trust me, won’t pick your brains for that… I couldn’t care less… Most “celebrities” aren’t just that interesting, and they aren’t good examples of anything. I don’t care about people that wouldn’t give a whit about me… unless for PR purposes, and they only do that if it’s OK for their jew masters. Since I’m an evil NaZZi they will bash me before helping me… even if they deep inside wished to help, because they are property of the jews.
        I have to invent a better term, rather than “celebrities” between quote marks for them.

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  2. I had originally dropped by, Cartier, to leave you a link to this article. I think you will like it, and will agree with much of what it has to say. John Whitehead has the correct idea about what is happening. He is simply picking on the wrong culprits in his article, “Rule By Brute Force – The True Nature Of Government”.

    It is not the figureheads for jewry who are in what once was our government[s] who are so much the ones who are responsible for the problems. It is those background forces behind the government officials who are implementing a Godless government in a Godless society, and who are doing it for the exclusive benefit and rule by the most ruthless of all the unGodly, the anti-Christs: The International State of jewry.
    Other than that, and that it is done by their script, it is much as Whitehead describes.

    “All of the imperial powers amassed by Barack Obama and George W. Bush – to kill American citizens without due process, to detain suspects indefinitely, to strip Americans of their citizenship rights, to carry out mass surveillance on Americans without probable cause, to suspend laws during wartime, to disregard laws with which he might disagree, to conduct secret wars and convene secret courts, to sanction torture, to sidestep the legislatures and courts with executive orders and signing statements, to direct the military to operate beyond the reach of the law, to act as a dictator and a tyrant, above the law and beyond any real accountability – have been inherited by Donald Trump.

    Whatever kind of president Trump chooses to be, he now has the power to completely alter the landscape of this country for good or for ill.”


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  3. And the guy who wrote the top ten seems to be a movie pundit… The series and movies nerds are a special class of idiot savant. They are supposedly “smart”, yet they are grabbed by the balls by the International Propagandist Jew. They make me puke.
    Nothing wrong with seeing a movie now and then, or a not so shitty series (or not shitty at all, some movies are actually worth watching and you probably know what I am talking about), but these guys overobsess with that. And famous people won’t give a crap about them. Idiots.
    And he seems to be a jew as well. Name and last name sound jewish. Although I can’t ascertain it at 100%, it’s a fair possiblity.

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    • He may be, but the point is he put together a list, as many do, that we can use. While he’s promoting interracial relationships, he provides a valuable service for those of us “in the know.” Just take what’s relevant and dismiss the rest.

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      • Alright! It’s only that these guys anger me, because they are supposedly so “smart”, yet they can’t see it… To be honest, it’s such a waste of time from people that should know better… I am referring to the over-obssesed types –those guys that go to pains to memorize, say, the poster that the main character of a movie has on their room, or even care for the brand of underpants that the father of the friend of the main character uses.– They spend so much time learning those things, yet are so useless, that they are better not bothering to learn them at all.
        Of course, I am not bashing you. Sources can be a bit yucky sometimes… I’ve learnt that the hard way.

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    • Ahhh! Let’s begin with last night! Hellish, it was! Yesterday we got hit with strong winds, and in the wee hours of the morning (of Sunday, already), we got hit by a strong gale! Mother was nervous as hell, she hates strong winds, and she dislikes them even more at night… Father was fast asleep, he doesn’t care much for bad weather at all… We even had a power outage that lasted till 9:30 am or so, and, according to Father, we got lucky, since power outages can last for days around here (up to a week, he said)… So it wasn’t that bad.
      My dad it’s a pretty laid back man, and he loves helping people. You know, the type who has friends everywhere and knows (and he is known by) half the town? Well, that’s my dad. He is pretty in the known on the JQ too, althrough he is not so ardent about Nationalsocialism like me. Anyway, he is pretty aware of the fact that history is not like they claim it to be, plus, he knows a shitton.
      However, he can be a bit naïve at times… If he knows about the JQ, it’s because I tried to redpill him as well… I am not claiming that I don’t have some of his naivete, too, because I have it, to some degree. The cunning (if I have it at all) comes from my mother’s side.
      We ate a homemade meal cooked by him. It was tasty! A calf stew with potatoes! Given the cold temperatures that we have around here right now, it was a blessing. And it tasted like glory. He likes to cook as well.
      That calf was really good. It actually had taste. Freezing the meat (as the industry does) destroys taste… Since he lives pretty close to the countryside, he has good meat to choose from, and it’s not so expensive, as well.
      And yes, I can’t get mad at those guys. I was like them not so long ago (no, I never cared for characters’ underpants, BTW)… If we reach them out, maybe they will get the ball rolling as well. It’s a small chance, but we must take the risk anyway. The stakes are high, we are running out of time, and even I was hopelessly stupidly repeating the jew hoax and jew propaganda as well. But not more.
      And, long comment is long…!

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  4. There’s nothing more enjoyable then a long, newsy comment from you.
    Since you’re going into Winter there, are these winds fairly common?
    That stew sounds fabulous. I make a mean Spanish beef stew with tomato sauce as a base instead of gravy.

    Your father sounds great and I can see you were raised by wonderful parents. It shows. And I’m proud to be “associated” with you. And yes, we’re running out of time. All we can do is keep putting the word out and not give up no matter how bad it gets.

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    • They seem to be common where my father lives… Remember that I went to a fishing village last week? My father lives there… So we don’t have to spend cash on the hotel ;P
      Where I live (not so far away), strong winds are common too. But there (where I live), they aren’t that strong… The Patagonia region is fabled for its winds, BTW. It’s Chicago famous for its winds? Pah! My city can get pretty windy too. And we have a relatively fair climate, compared with the rest of the region… think of the rest, then.

      That stew was very tasty! And your stew sounds like the stews that we do around here too. On a cold day, it’s the best thing you can eat!!

      Thanks ma’am. I am glad to be “associated” with you too. You know a good deal of this stuff, and you are ballsy enough to taunt the jews… Geez! Some men could learn from your bravery, ma’am.

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