That Ole Black Magic

White coal chute says yes to nigger proposal.  Make sure you read the comments, you’ll be proud.



7 thoughts on “That Ole Black Magic

  1. Cartier, Kenneth, one of the commenters at the link hit it on the head when he said, “Propaganda form corporate. These people are actors”.

    This kind of jewish trash is aimed at young people who have not yet learned, and at others who are too dumb and who are easily and irrationally impressionable.

    This looks like the same “Melanie Boria”, and she’s for hire.

    Looking at that fake wide-mouthed bass type of smile, she’s probably a jewess, too [if you’ll notice so many jewesses have that], just like Disney’s owners and the author of this trash Kalergi-inspired propaganda.

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    • It’s the same girl, she models for a living and her name is in the Disney article. Of course, she won’t be working anymore when her precious ape beats the shit out of her one day.


  2. Disney under another name:

    “What is Freeform?
    Freeform is the new name for ABC Family.”

    “What’s happened to the Freeform site?
    WATCH ABC Family changed its name to “Freeform.” That’s it, just “Freeform.” You’ll still be able to watch your favorite shows, directly from the Freeform site and app, and we’ll be adding some more cool features too.”

    “Freeform is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Disney–ABC Television Group division of The Walt Disney Company. The channel primarily consists of TV series and films geared towards teenagers and young adults – with some programming skewing towards young women – in the 14-34 age range, a target demographic designated by the channel as “becomers” …”.

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  3. Here are some more links, Cartier, that make it very clear that the jews behind Disney are intent on doing destructive culture change among America’s younger audiences. They enlist high-powered “hitters” to do it who know what the changes are intended to do, but they hide behind the recurrent jew lie that, “it’s what the market wants”.

    “Freeform Shows Advertisers How to Crack the “Culture Code” – By Stuart Elliott November 16, 2016

    “Stuart Elliott reports on the media exclusively at He has spent more than than three decades covering advertising, marketing and media. He is best known as the advertising columnist of The New York Times, a post he held from May 1991 to D… read more”
    From the site host above:
    Since 1984, MyersBizNet has been the industry leader in supporting our clients’ business growth through ongoing marketplace audits of client/customer perceptions, providing exclusive market insights and R-O-I focused analytics in a rapidly evolving, disruptive and highly competitive landscape.

    Our team of experienced trade journalists create, ghost write and edit your original thought-leadership commentaries, social media content, speeches and presentations, all designed to influence the perceptions of your business-to-business constituencies through a consistent, coordinated and relevant communications program.

    At, we host a dedicated platform for your thought-leadership commentaries plus exclusive content written by our journalists for and about your company and your executives, all pre-approved by you. MediaVillage is the media and advertising community’s leading publisher of original and exclusive thought-leadership content, hosting more than 60 microsites for our member companies and industry leaders.” [Stuart Elliott and Ed Martin]

    “ABC Family; Shame on You For Promoting Perversion to Our Children”

    “When there is an outrageous ruling handed down by a judge or jury, we oftentimes hear the phrase “perversion of justice.” Likewise, when there is a sexual assault recorded in the news with sordid details, we sometimes hear a reference to a “perverted mind.”

    What exactly does the term “perversion” mean?

    A dictionary will say it refers to a distortion, misrepresentation or falsification of something. “The alteration of something from its original state or meaning to a distortion of what was first intended.”
    And are you aware of the latest offering being put forth on ABC Family to further pervert the lives of our children and grandchildren?”

    “Freeform ditches ABC Family so it can be less wholesome”

    “Rosenblum joins Disney in ‘major reorganisation’’
    by Jesse Whittock | September 19, 2016

    “Veteran executive Bruce Rosenblum has joined The Walt Disney Company as part of a “major reorganisation” of the Disney-ABC Television Group.

    Bruce Rosenblum The former Warner Bros. Television and Legendary Television and Digital Media chief has been named president, business operations at Disney-ABC.

    The role is a new one aimed at bolstering revenues. Rosenblum will have direct responsibility for business operations, including global distribution. Ben Pyne is currently president, global distribution at Disney Media Distribution.
    Rosenblum was most recently president of Legendary’s television division, which he had founded in 2013 after leaving Warner Bros.

    He had joined Warner, which like Disney is based in Burbank, California, in 1989 when Warner Communications acquired Lorimar Telepictures, and remained with the group for 26 years. Between 2005 and 2013, he was president of Warner Bros. Television Group, but left after losing out on the Warner Bros. chairman and CEO job to Kevin Tsujihara.
    “While at Warner Bros., I had many successful dealings with the group, and have witnessed first-hand the intelligence and creativity in their business operations,” said Rosenblum, who is currently completing his second stint as chairman and CEO of the TV Academy.”
    See All [Corporate and “Credits”]

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  4. Thanks for all this. Once Walt died, the jews took over. I grew up on Disney and am saddened by its perversion. The think we have to remember is White Culture and teach our children what it is. We also have to be in position to get rid of the jew CEOs, etc and place our own in so we can get rid of the shadow the jews have placed over everything we used to love and hold dear.

    Who’s doing that???


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