1967 – A Banner Year On Race

In 1967, Secretary of State, Dean Rusk’s daughter married a nigger.

PX 86-8 Rusk

“As I noted in an earlier blog, the year 1967 marked an important milestone in interracial marriage history. In June 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court case, Loving vs. Virginia established the right of all Americans to marry whom they wished and invalidated existing state laws and statutes prohibiting interracial marriage.”



With the movie Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner released also in 1967 and directed and written by jews, the miscegenation of Whites with niggers took off like a rocket.   And look where we are today.



31 thoughts on “1967 – A Banner Year On Race

  1. For the life of me, I remember that my mother found a movie from the 60’s-70’s that peddled the race-maxing propaganda. Wasn’t that funny like the dinning nigger’s one, it had a more serious tone. It was dubbed to Spanish… or was made in Mexico, I can’t remember. But, they already portrayed there dem Nigga as Nigga, Ph. D. Unrealistic as hell, given the behavior of niggers.
    Niggers in movies and series are often portrayed as the kind of man any self-respecting White would want their daughter to marry… if we forget the little fact that they are from another race and the consequences of such mating. It’s akin to tranny outward’s appearance. They go to great pains to dress feminine… with the result that they look more “feminine” than their female counterparts. It’s like they are overcompensating for the fact that they are not women. Same with niggers on movies, the jews make them appear respectable, serious and polite… but we know how they really are, don’t we, Cartier?

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  2. Yes, my dear sir, we do. Race matters & nigger IQs are the lowest of all the other race, which despise them as we do. In our prisons, spics & niggers are always fighting and causing lockdowns. As I’ve stated on this site, low IQ directly equates to violence. The stinking jews exploit this trait to our detriment.

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    • We don’t have that much “niggers”, as you call them… But we have some mestizos who cause more than a ruckus… They fill the jails of this country as well. They steal and break shit and love imitating the rappers’ mannerisms… I guess they see themselves reflected in them. Also, we have some wiggers as well. Makes my head shake in dissaproval. Such a waste.

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      • I’m from the South and nigger is actually a term referring to behavior.
        “If you don’t want to be called a nigger, don’t act like one.” Of course it’s always Nigroes that behave that way, that’s how they got stuck with it.
        What’s a wigger?

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      • I thought you would get that one!! Really. White Niggers… I learnt that term from you guys. Whites that imitate niggers in behavior and apperance… Think of an Eminem type.

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  3. LOL… The tolerance!!
    Fucking race-mixer, faggotry pushing, tranny fostering “psychologist” bitch.
    I commented (in Spanish) on that post…
    My comment went live and stayed there for a hour, then it went “poof!”

    My original comment translated to English. Some “tolerant” lasses can’t muster a single rational argument, that’s why they censor. LOL. (Notice that I’m insulting her on your blog… LOL).

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    • I’m sure you’ve noticed on her site that the photo of the niglet is more nigger than White. I see that all the time here. The negro gene is aggressive and the White is recessive. This is why race mixing is destroying us.

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      • Yes. To be honest I was really disgusted by all of her post, so I didn’t observe the photo carefully. The tolerance! The tolerance! The comment lasted an hour, then it disappeared.

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    • I guessed so. I translated the comment on Notepad, so, no spell check for me.
      And it’s: Eres una asquerosa mezcladora de razas. Or. Eres un asco, promueves la mezcla de razas. Thanks for trolling her in my behalf 😉

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  4. They are still there. She erased my rational arguments (with no insults, you saw that), so you have no chance… What a bitch. Maybe she understands English… remember that she is “educated”.

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    • Our comments are still up as of today. However, we were the ONLY comments, so she’s leaving them to make it seem someone is reading her crap. No one else cares to get into the controversy. Maybe no one else is reading her. Hahahaha!

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    • Yes, indeed. She is offended by our comments…? I am more offended, and so do you. I found the book of the lady who escaped Haiti in times of the revolution… I think I am gonna leave the link to it on her post.
      Equality? Only in the fucking cemetery. When everyone is being eaten by the worms. Those who preach equality preach death, and they don’t even realize it.

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    • I realized that when I was sixteen… Can’t be THAT complicated. Remember that she is “educated”, so, she is “smart” enough to realize that. At that time I decried it (heck, who wasn’t a silly teenager once?) but now I am happy for that 🙂 And I’m happier to not be one of these edjewkated peoples, they are brainwashed.
      BTW, here in Argieland is Father’s Day, on Sunday.
      Will be again out of town. Visting Father, so I won’t post much. Probably won’t post anything (save a simple reblog) till Tuesday.

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      • The more edjewcated, the more liberal & shit embracing they become. Your’re right. i never went to college, didn’t see the point way back then.

        It’s Fathers Day here, too. Enjoy your time with him.

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      • Alright! We are indoors because the wind is blowing like hell! Today it rained, and now we have these strong winds… Doesn’t matter, we are doing fine…
        If you are not studying a hard science, then yes, it’s a fricken waste of time. But even some of the hard sciences are manipulated… and don’t forget that you guys have “Afirmative Action”, skewing seats towards minorities that lack the brainpower to actually study advanced sciences… Tyrone goes to college, graduates as the valedictorian and says: “Sheeeeeeeeeit”. A classic.

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      • I worked for a mostly jew company a while back and they had a very nice old black man as accountant and then hired a black lady as one of the sales reps. She was fired a year later for not doing her job. I remember her wandering around the halls babbling to everyone about everything. Nothing ever came of it.

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  5. I read her post again. And this woman is a psychologist?! By the gods, she is a criminal! Telling people that being faggots, lesbos or traps doesn’t invalidate them to be around kids, or having kids it’s batshit insane, and in her case, dishonest as hell.
    Even I, a layman, know that. She wants to have a new crop of clients, the kids that are going to have a shitton of problems due to their “parents” upbringing. The fuck?!
    Ahhhh. My last post (last post I wrote myself) has something for people like her. It’s getting due.
    She will be equal to her nigger faggot tranny lesbos hanged on a tree.

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