POP UP Los Angeles CA

This is a 2 day weekend event in Los Angeles “celebrating” immigrants.   They really don’t know who they’re worshiping.   They make no distinctions between illegals and legal.  This is what they are inviting into our country.


Read the comments and check out the immigrants link at the end.   This is what’s coming into our state:




Let’s see what they have to say when one of these POP’s UP in your daughter’s bedroom.



3 thoughts on “POP UP Los Angeles CA

  1. They are bringing the worst scum. The worse of the worse. Also, that’s a good tactic for Mexican goverments (and govt’s from another Caribbean countries) to dump their worst criminal elements… Maybe you haven’t seen Scarface (the movie in which starred Al Pacino), but that movie began with a fragment of a speech that Fidel Castro gave to the Cubans in the early/mid 80’s… He said: “¡No los queremos, no los necesitamos!” (We don’t want them, we don’t need them!) There, Fidel dumped like 100,000 Cubans, if I am not mistaken. A sixth of that number were criminals… And the rest were dissidents and their families…
    We also have a similar situation here in Argentina. In working class neighborhoods and specially, in shanty towns close to Buenos Aires (called villas de emergencia) there are a lot of illegal inmigrants, coming mostly from Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru… We absorb the worst crap of the South American subcontinent, and specially, from neighboring countries… Fun fact: These criminals flee their countries of origin, because they would be dealt with more harshly than here, in Argentina.
    And we have suckers that defend them. Still not so organized, but we have them. Fucktards.

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  2. Also, it’s still pretty hot there. 80 degrees Fahrenheit, right? Unless you are referring to the link you posted here, there is no link in the comments of that news piece… But I checked the Breibart’s story. They are sick fucks, and, since nobody is doing anything to stop them, they will keep doing it. (Both rapes and smuggling).
    Here, some Bolivians that come here are exploited and enslaved in most cases, by their compatriots. They make them work in illegal sweatshops, or they make them sew clothing. They are paid very little, if anything at all, and they work shifts of 12 or 14 hours, or even more, and live in their workplaces as well. People that turn a blind eye to this foster this kind of behavior… It’s not only hurting us (although we are hurt the most), but them, too. But Bolivians are a submissive bunch, thus, they seldom complain. Also, since they are illegals, they are also afraid, too. Even if the State turns a blind eye too to their situation (state doesn’t give a fuck about us, and gives them almost everything they want)… Even if they do work, they just can’t keep up. Most Bolivians are shopkeepers or maids, and they are A+ class tax evaders… Given the high number of taxes to be paid in Argentina, they aren’t the only ones who do it. The difference is that they get away with it, while an Argentinian gets to pay through his nose if he is caught (they usually catch tax evaders) eventually.

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  3. Ius sanguinis will be always superior to ius solis. And Europeans built our nations, liberals just have to deal with it. If it were for the Indians of either country, our countries wouldn’t even exist… Indians just don’t have the concept of country as we do, probably even today.

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