What are the consequences for Mudsharking?

Couldn’t have said it better myself. White cunts playing coal chute will be the first to go when we take our stand.

Remember The 14 Words

If you are like me then when you were growing up here in Ireland the only NEEEEEGRRROOOEEESSS you would have seen were the ones on the Trócaire charity boxes that they handed you in school charity drives to collect for the starving little nigs and their ruling warlords in Africa.


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4 thoughts on “What are the consequences for Mudsharking?

  1. You know, I’m watching King Kong…
    If you come to think about it, it makes a case against race-mixing… Or maybe it’s just my rabidly racist self talking.
    It’s probably just me. But niggers there worship Kong… and they fucking look like gorillas. And Kong is a big gorilla. A giant gorilla.

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    • Made me angry when she said: “Nooooo! Noooooo!”
      I saw a newer movie, not the 30’s (30’s?) version. Damn apeshark. White guys risking life and limb to save her, and she saying: “Noooooo!”
      Apeshark. I think that niggers are the lost link between humans and gorillas… just look at them.

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